Detecting True and Real Friendship.

I came across a relatively large group people from Ireland a while ago I have always liked the Irish people for their friendliness, and they seem very nice people too.

As I observed them among themselves, I felt their closeness, and love towards each other, I also realized how outgoing, friendly and easy to talk to they were as people.

My encounter with the Irish people made me ponder on interpersonal relationships in general.

An interpersonal relationship is a strong bond between two or more people. It could be with family, a friend at work, a childhood friend, an organization such as a church or an intimate relationship with a male and female.

Some people are fortunate to have healthy interpersonal relationships, like what I saw with the group of Irish people, and some are not that privileged.

Before a strong bond can be developed and cultivate between people, be it family members, work colleagues, general friends, or romantic relationships, certain characteristics and values must be present.

The following Characteristics are crucial to having a strong bond with a person or people.

Trust takes time to build, but it can easily be broken, and once it’s broken, it’s more or less impossible to regain.

Trust is important in any relationships, trust also has to be earned, and people that are tuned in can sense the vibe of anybody and anything. Yes, they listen to what people say, but they lay more emphasis on what they are feeling inside, in other words, they follow their gut.

Some people can naturally pick up information not revealed to them, and some people train their consciousness to get to that place.

In any relationship, we have to use our heart and not our head. The heart can detect honestly, sincerity of people much quicker that the head.

Also, our heart can’t lie, we may not pick things up immediately, but we can sense if something is not right, that’s when we have to slow down, stop to get more clarity about a particular situation or person.

Another thing about trusting people and forming relationships is never to rush it, take it nice and slow, so the person in question can be studied. You always want to make sure that it is not a set-up, with an ulterior motive/agenda Time will always reveal the real intent and conditions of a person’s heart towards you.

For any relationship to be healthy, there has to be support; it could just be moral support. Wishing each other well and encouraging each other in the things that are important and close to the heart of the person we have a relationship.
Again we have to be sensitive to the vibe we are picking up. We should never ignore the feeling.
If we know a particular person/people do not wish us well, we should keep a safe distance, and we shouldn’t reveal things close to our heart, to such person. The reason is simply, their energy could be negative and affect the outcome of situations.

Honesty is important in building trust. We can not afford to be close to a person we do not trust. If we pick up a person is dishonest in their dealing with other people or us, then the sensible thing to do is to back up. We must always take time to reflect on the people we allow close to us, people in our inner circle.
Another important thing to watch out for is one’s enemies always use other people that are close to get to us and manipulate. We see this in the Bible with Samson and Delilah.

Some people are loyal in nature, and we have to make sure if we have an inner circle, those in it are loyal.
If a person is loyal, they wouldn’t have a hidden agenda be a secret agent for someone else trying to manipulate you.

Remember I said our enemies use people we are supposedly close to us to manipulate us. If we sense this is the case, then apparently the person acting as an agent is not loyal. If a person is not loyal, or we sense is a secret agent, we must then re-evaluate the friendship or relationship. Kiss such person goodbye in a nice way.

RESPECT YOUR UNIQUENESS (Not following tradition).

If a person doesn’t allow you to be who you are, and always wanting to change you, then think twice about such person. Don’t get me wrong we want people around us to tell us the truth and voice their opinion, but just as to advise us if need be, but not to change us. We have to allow and respect people to be who God has called them to be.

Genuine Love.
Always test and make sure the Love is authentic and not fake. Again it is wise to reflect on people close to us regularly and also people around us. The reason is simply we need to pick information to realize whether the person is real or a fake.

As I close I appreciate the Irish love, from my observation over a couple of days, they are nice people, friendly and have great family values.

Finally, if you have analysed a person and if you come to the conclusion that the so-called friend is an enemy or a spy and then you have to play the sucker like a game of chess. Don’t be like James Bond and love the spy.

Until next time – Keep Believe Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel.