Teaching children and others what we know Spiritually

One of the reasons Joseph was able to stay strong and faithful to God when sold as a slave in Egypt and especially in Potiphar’s house, was the teaching Jacob (Israel) taught him.

Just for a second imagine Joseph giving in to Potiphar’s wife’s advances, he would have committed the Sin of Adultery.

I believe if that happen, he would not have been the second in command in Egypt, and obviously, would not have saved his people from the terrible famine at the time. Having said that, when God has His hands on a person’s life, He (God) will keep you no matter what, and He (God) will always make a way of escape when temptation arises.

However we can’t take having God’s hand on us for granted, as we see in the life of David, a man after God’s own heart, and we know how his shortcoming caused him a lot of pain. -( Bathsheba) God forgave him, but he still paid the price.

We also see the life of Samson, and how a woman (Delilah) was the downfall of his power and his life.

What set Joseph apart from King David and Samson, I believe it was Jacob.
It is not in the Bible, but there is a book called the Testament of Joseph. In this book, reveals some of the teachings Joseph received from his father, Jacob. In other words, Jacob taught Joseph how to reverence and honour God. Such teaching was planted in Joseph’s soul so that when Potiphar’s wife made advances to Joseph, with the help of God, he was able to resist the temptation.

The Bible does not indicate that David and Samson had a particularly close with their fathers like Jacob and Joseph had.

The fact that Joseph was the favourite son, given a coat of many colours shows the degree to which spiritual truth and how to walk with God got imparted to Joseph.

The Bible says train a child in the way to go, and when the child grows old, he or she will not depart from it.

Jacob was sensitive to God, and when that is the case, one will receive a lot of wisdom and spiritual knowledge from the Lord. Today modern country Israel came from Jacob. In fact, Jacob name got changed to Israel.

The 25th April marked the fifth year of my mum’s passing; my only regret is not tapping into what she knew spiritually. Money can come and go, but the Spiritual truth is the greatest legacy to give to a child.

I know we have our path to walk, and we learn the most from our experiences, however, it is crucial that parents train and teach their children well. It can’t be left to the school system or by buying the latest new Video games, technology gadget to compensate for the lack of time not spent with the child.

I know God has a way of revealing things to us, and I must say that I had learnt loads of spirituals knowledge in the last five years after my mum passed than when she was alive. I don’t know how it works apart from God’s grace at work and timing to teach us what we need to know.

My point is, we have to hammer what we are aware of spiritually to people we love and know. Obviously, we have to do it in love, and even if we think they are not listening, trust me they are, they are seeds sown in their heart, and the Holy Spirit will bring it to remembrance when it is needed.

In order not to interrupt the flow of the anointing, it’s important that we receive God’s grace from committing sexual sin. The enemy will always attack, but with sexual sin, in a person’s life, the enemy can easily have victory over a Christian. One can appreciate a lady’s beauty, and this does mean one should want to get intimate with her.

What I have learnt so far, and from the Word of God is, find your soul mate, then get married. God’s way is the best way, especially with what’s going on in our society today. Children need both parents – a mum and a dad.

Secondly, we must teach others what we know to be true spiritually, of course, it’s free will, and we can never force anybody to listen. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Until next time, keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving

Peace Daniel