Do the right thing.

Doing the right thing most of the time is never popular.
They often say everybody has a price, but not necessarily so. Some people are willing to put it all on the line, to be faithful to whom God has called and created them to be.

We see this with a lot of characters in the Bible that some folks will not bow down.

In our time we saw it in the life of Nelson Mandela. In my opinion, such people for the most part that are this way inclined are what I would call a matured / old soul.

These are folks that don’t sell out. Unfortunately, very few of such people exist today. If this happens to be your nature (to do the right thing), you wouldn’t mind even if you have to walk alone.

Such people are true, to what they feel inside, it’s kind of like, they are faithful to the invisible God living on the inside of them.
Also, the irony is that God MUST have made Himself real to such individuals over and over again.

No one, in my opinion, can consistently walk with God, unless He continuously makes Himself real to them. I believe St Augustine said the same thing.

If God has called a person to a particular task, He will make sure that regular encounters of the invisible engagement occur.

In the Old testament days, God’s angels appeared to specific people to be told their assignment.

Likewise in the new testament, also the fact that we have the Holy Spirit, Who reveals things to us via various methods.

However care, is needed, because the Kingdom of darkness, can imitate some of these methods, and we might think it’s God. Such as ( the dark side and people can enter our mind when we sleep), dreams, this is used to manipulate and mislead us with fake visions and false dreams.

In the bibles days, when they dreamt, it was mostly God, now it’s not the case.

The Good thing is, you would quickly know, who the dream was from if you consistency pray in tongues/spirit. But we could sometimes miss it. The antidote is staying close to God; as the enemy often comes like an angel of light.

God knew these end time would be crazy, with the anti- Christ and all the evil, He put a contingency plan in place. Thank the Lord for our prayer language right.

Come to think about it, we are the end time Christian Army, but to be effective, God has to keep revealing Himself, just like He did to the Apostle Paul, etc.

Some people look at their service to God as being called or chosen, which are both correct and biblical, but I prefer the word SENT.

The simple reason is before we left the spirit world, our tasks were revealed to us, just like a movie, we saw the picture, but it’s then cleared from our mind, so by the time we get here, it’s all forgotten.

Then our angels who guide us, along each period of our life, know how to to get our attention when we are about to embark on a new phase.

As a person, the feeling of restlessness would be felt, as this is often an indication, that something new is about to take place and on the arising.

That’s why God could say to Prophet Jeremiah before you were in your mother’s womb I knew you, God didn’t stop there, He also said I approved of you. Such mystery of the spirit world is what I love the most.
We were in the spirit world before we came here, often I look at human behavior and see how shallow and clueless we are about the truth of the spirit world.

Our obliviousness is so shocking that we need to wake up, we need to start conversing about things that matter. Not only does the human mind like to be stimulated, but knowledge of our soul is paramount.

We in the Christian faith believe for the human soul to be saved, we need to accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour.

Feel free to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior as you read this, if you mean it from your heart, the Holy Spirit will lead you to what you need to do next. A relationship with Jesus is not about religion; it’s the opposite, it can and should be personal.

Anyway,that’s enough for now.

Until next time, keep Believing Keep Hoping & Keep Loving

Peace. Daniel