From Heaven or from Men.

We were created before we were formed. I believe the womb we were formed in and the family we came from is in correlation to our assignment – pilgrimage. The environment, our skin color is no accident, they are all part of the big picture and the reason we came to planet earth.

What we are here for, is buried deep within us, as this was shown to us before our soul left the spirit world to be formed in our mother’s womb.

Every human being is both spirit and flesh, and we know according to the Word of God that flesh profits nothing, but the spirit gives life.

To know what our assignment is, we MUST live from our spirit more; then we can be sure that whatever it is, is from Heaven and not Man. What I have observed in our beautiful world, is that Man will MANIPULATE the living daylight out of a person.

A person will never know they are being manipulated if they are on the same level as the manipulator, that’s why we have to be higher, on a higher level spiritually.

I know I talk about being in the spirit a lot, but what we have to realize is that the real us is SPIRIT, our body is just a container that carries our spirit and soul.

This physical body is only useful on planet Earth. When we die, we are automatically given a spiritual body.

Back to the topic, – From Heaven or From Man, if we feel uncomfortable doing something there are chances that it may not be from Heaven. When something is from Heaven, we are passionate about whatever it is, for the most part.

Heaven or men can also relate to people we hang around or the place of worship a person attends. Just because something sounds good and spiritual doesn’t mean God wants you at a particular location, or do a particular thing.

The uncomfortableness a person feels about something / or someone is the Holy Spirit saying NO to whatever a person wants to get involved in, we should just ask the Holy Spirit to speak, and He would.

When an assignment / or anything is from Heaven, one would feel PEACE about it, when manipulated by man, then there could be unease about it all. Sometimes the feeling of discomfort doesn’t manifest immediately. Therefore we shouldn’t rush into anything.

If we make it a point of duty to confirm that our activities and actions are from Heaven, we will save ourself from a lot of pain.

Finally, because something is from Heaven doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy, remember life is a learning curve, we never stop learning. However the way to verify it will always be the feeling of PEACE, that’s how we know there is a high probability that God is behind it.

To be 100% sure something is from Heaven, just ask God, and He would tell you, bear in mind, sometimes, He doesn’t answer immediately, please don’t ask me why.

Until next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel

Have a Blessed week.