Indeed for this PURPOSE, I raised you up.

There are something’s that it’s hard to get our head around, this I mean from a natural perspective.

When one is in the spirit, we can easily comprehend spiritual writings such as the Holy Bible.

In the spirit, we pick up spiritual things easily. Hence we do ourselves a tremendous favor by being in the spirit most of the time.

In the Book of Exodus, God said But indeed for this purpose, I have raised you up that I may show My power in you, and that My name may be declared in all the earth.(Exodus 9:16)

There are two aspects to this story.

1. How God reigns in all situations and the heart of the King(anybody really) is in the hand of God ( Proverbs 21.1), and he turns which way He wants

2.He (God) shows Himself Powerful on behalf of His children so that we can trust and believe Him always.

Often we put God on our level, and we think He should do it this way or that way, I know this because when am in the flesh I put God on my level, but God’s ways are higher, much higher that our little mind struggles to comprehend.

We have to come to a place of trusting Him with the when’s and the how’s of situations that need divine interventions.

God raised Pharaoh and hardened his heart to show off His Power.

God can control all hearts, the just and the unjust.

Sometimes it seems that our enemies are winning and they even think that they have a perfect plan to trap and cause evil to a child of God. All I can say to children of God is stay close to the Holy Spirit.

Our intimacy with our Father / Holy Spirit enables us to hear from the Spirit, know what’s going on behind the scenes and our next cause of action.

We have to be true to our Faith we do not compromise. However, we have to share the Love of God boldly to those that don’t know Him.

We know God because by His Grace He revealed Himself to us, God wants to reveal Himself to more people.

There are people that are spiritual, aware of Jesus but don’t have a relationship with the Lord.

Jesus wants to reach out to them by using you and me; I am not talking about religion or a Church, – so far from it, just revealing the sweetness of Jesus Christ – Light & Saviour of the World.

As God showed off His Power against pharaoh (reason He raised him up), God wants to do it again. However God will always need a Moses- a person tested, tried and true. God’s POWER can only flow through the real deal.

There is a lot we don’t know about Heaven /Kingdom of God. We live in a world that most people have their portion in this life (Psalm 17:14), which is, in fact, human nature, I know sometimes when we tap into the Spirit, we don’t have words to articulate what is being revealed to us.

Just like Apostle Paul’s experience, in the third Heaven. Basically, during a nap ( which the spirit world orchestrates) or night sleep instruction are given to a person, but this information bypasses the natural mind and is planted somewhere in our soul, and it would take a conversation or writing to draw it out.

I Believe there is so much more about God’s / Jesus’s Kingdom that we are not aware of, Our only prayer can be OPEN OUR EYES TO BEHOLD YOUR GLORY, LORD.

Until next time Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel
God Bless