Happy is an emotion and it can be described as being glad, having joy, satisfied, a state of being cheerful and to be delightful, to name but a few. On the Human Emotion frequency scale, it has a high to very high score as a frequency level.

It’s a state of emotion and being in that state of mind we feel good. Now what I want to point out is that happiness needs to be worked on from the inside out.

What I mean is that, if we only allow external things or circumstances to make us happy, then when those things are not present, as they somethings will not be, a person will feel the opposite of being happy, which is sad, sorrowful dejected, regretful and depressed.

In Pharrell Williams hit song, a line in the lyrics, says clap along if you feel happiness is the truth. Well, happiness is the truth to feeling good, but how do we get to such state. Again we cannot allow only the externals to get us to this feeling.

Since we have established that it’s a feeling and an emotion, then it is positive and it has power and energy. So how do we get this power/energy, the natural way, with no help from being intoxicated?

First thing first, you have to realise that the real you and I is a spirit. The body we are in is just a container that holds our spirit and soul. It a physical body and in the Afterlife, we will have a spiritual body.

The way we connect to our spirit is by prayer and meditation. Another way of putting it is tapping into higher consciousness. Exercise too is good and listening to certain types of positive music. However, it’s a combination. Therefore as a person grows, knowing what to do at any point in time will come with ease.

Obviously, everybody will have their own style of praying and meditating which is absolutely fine. You just have to find what works for you.

When you can flow in this positive energy and power, the force coming out of you will determine your circumstances and you will be in a state of joy with can be termed as happiness.

The follow-up of this blog will be how to control your feelings, thoughts and using positive affirmation as a way of meditating.

From a Christian perceptive it could be meditating on a bible verse or a particular scripture that is relevant to you at any particular point in time.

Until next time –Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel