Stocks, Shares & Investments


My Aim is to share knowledge and information about Stocks, Shares and make it as easy and simple as possible, communicating how to pick Stocks, Shares using both Fundamental and Technical Analysis.
The objective is to help people (novice and lay people) who always wanted to have an understanding about Shares and the Financial Market but for some reason, the opportunity never came.
I have been teaching this class,   Stocks shares and Investment in London for the last three years and I believe I understand what the layman/ woman wants and need to know.
My intention is to use little industry jargons as possible. Even if opportunities have not arisen financially, it’s good to have some knowledge of the financial markets and the potential opportunities in the Market.
To reiterate, I would like to transfer knowledge and make it as simple as possible, so everybody can have an understanding of the financial market. I have had professions from all works of life in the past 3 years. If you can think of any profession, it’s fair to say that I have had a student that represents that particular industry, also College and university students.

Stocks and Shares technically mean the same thing. When a person invests in a particular company, the investor pays some money and a certificate is issued. Ownership of the certificate of a particular company is called Shares. Stocks are a general term for Shares.
In the UK we use the word Shares and in the USA, they use the word Stocks, but ultimately, we are talking about the same thing.

So this Financial Market blog will be about sharing information and knowledge, on how to pick Stocks, Shares using both Fundamental and Technical Analysis. You can also join me in one of my classes, at Future Trend Academy London; I will also arrange a special discount, for readers of this blog.

Until Next time. –  Keep Believing Keep Hoping &  Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel