How to tap into the Power of the Human Soul 5

Accept your uniqueness.

Part of finding self, (which I must confess, it’s not an easy process, but the Holy Spirit helps,) is coming to the awareness of our uniqueness.

Religion often uses the term surrender, but I dislike the word, it ’s no were found in the Bible, and it’s commonly used to manipulate people.

The Holy Spirit through Apostle Paul said that I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened so we would KNOW the hope our calling, not surrender.

However when our spiritual eyes are open & enlightened to who we are and our purpose, our soul & Spirit become one, and our mind is no longer resisting our real self.

Every awakens person without a doubt would want to fulfill their higher calling, such a person is just waiting for divine instructions, Jesus said my sheep hear my voice, as there are loads of views in our world today. (one has to be really careful).

Bearing in mind the above, it’s essential we spend time alone so we can hear clearly.

Another important point is that depending on what one’s purpose is, there are certain people one can’t associate with, relationship-wise – who one marries.

Two can’t be together unless they agree, if you don’t believe in my Jesus & God, then interaction with such a person will only be limited, no space for time wasters…

One gets to a certain age in life, and there is virtually no allowance for mistakes, but a life of no more errors is by God’s grace. Hence a close walk is essential with the Lord.

Again learn from Joshua’s mistakes never act immediately, if something doesn’t resonate with our soul, discard whatever it is straight away, this is easier said than done, cause in a world that dark magic is everywhere and on the increase, one needs help from above, but God is faithful Amen.

Never rush to join a Church, check out the messages preached first and what they stand for. God has a place for everybody, but we have to be patient and trust. God will lead one to the right place, that can cultivate, develop and bring out the gift He –God placed in us. In the meantime, we have to have a hot prayer life.

When one embraces one’s uniqueness, then one can accept the price and sacrifice that comes with it. I heard a preacher man say we have to live for a cause, that’s bigger than us, which is absolutely correct, we need to remind ourselves of Nelson Mandela every now and then.

It’s okay to be different from the rest, but more importantly that we live to be a blessing to others, forgive those who wrong us, but learn from the incident and never allow it to repeat itself again.

As we draw near to God, He will always draw near to us, no matters how many times we have messed up. He is rich in mercy.

Finally, No weapon formed against us will prosper, not even one in Jesus Name. Having said that some of us might need to take our prayer life to another level to activate the promise. We see unpleasant things happen to God’s children and the enemy outsmarting Christians, it needs to stop in Jesus Name.

Remember Jesus Christ is the Light & Saviour of the World.
God Bless
Until Next time, keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel – The Christian Activist.