How to tap into the Power of the Human Soul 6

Training of the Human Spirit, Soul & Mind.

I’ve been away for a long second, sometimes such absence is necessary, one needs to hear clearly from the Lord and be in the right company of believers, not only that, the warfare is real but what I’ve realized it’s only the Lord that can rescue a person.

Another fact is that people want one to write, but often times they get offended by what I write.

Going back to the series of How to tap into the Power of the Human Soul.

Today I am going to write about how to train the Human Spirit, Soul & Mind.
To train our physical body requires discipline, – which means there has to be consistency in exercise and even getting rid of specific food consumption and habits.

The same principle of discipline applies to spiritual matters, and also the mind which some may not really consider being part of the spiritual faculty.

From the Christian faith perspective, one trains one’s Spirit by praying in the Holy Spirit, the more we do that, the more of the Power of the Holy Spirit one would process,.( it’s all according to power, according to faith).

The human spirit, soul & mind ultimately work to be in unison, the soul needs the power of the Holy Spirit to stay true to itself. The mind catches up with the spirit and soul after a while.

What I mean is that the spirit & soul know things that mind can’t instantly understand, however, there is an unease inside of a person, – i.e., not feeling peace about something, in such situations, the spirit and soul are trying to communicate to the mind.

Therefore if you feel an uneasiness about anything, STOP & BACK OFF, as it could be a warning of danger ahead. I think an untrained, insensitive mind may find it hard to detect such feeling of uneasiness.

Also, those that practice dark magic – witchcraft always target the mind, but with a trained spirit, one see beyond the natural, and the Holy Spirit will reveal the traps to us, sometimes immediately sometimes not.

To train the mind focus is required, one has to be selective what one gives one’s attention to, little or no television, pondering on what’s important, not much time for loose talk, time alone, affirming positive truths over one’s consciousness. As a Christian, we would declare the truth of God’s word over our mind.

The human mind can be reprogrammed (renewing of the mind), when this is done through spoken words, and positive thinking, a person’s mind starts to become dominant, to the extend, such person’s word and thoughts can create things in the natural world.

Going back to creation, in the book of Genesis in the Bible, –God spoke the whole world into existence, hence a powerful spirit, soul and mind could act in similar ways.

A strong spirit, soul & mind have a lot of advantages, such as confidence, self-esteem, and positivity; however, there will spiritual attacks to the brain and mind, that’s why some people pray multiple times a day to destroy the power of darkness.

In summary, once one has found self, and accepted one’s uniqueness, then one needs to work on one’s mind until it becomes one with our spirit and soul, and to be honest, it’s a lifestyle, as this is how power is created.

Remember Jesus Christ is the Light & Saviour of the World.
God Bless
Until Next time, keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel – The Christian Activist.