Is your name in the Book

I heard a saying many years ago, that if you want to hide information from a particular type of people that it should be put in a book, the reason is most people don’t like to read.

Even regarding obtaining wisdom, which could be acquired by life experience, received supernaturally, ( Solomon in the Bible) but mostly wisdom is found in a book.

One of the strategies of the enemy of our soul ( Satan the devil) is to keep people from reading the most important book in the world which is the Holy Bible.

Those that Translated the Bible into English back in the day faced a lot of persecution, why because the enemy wants to keep the people in the dark.

There are even churches that don’t encourage the congregation to read the Bible. ( the fake church).

When people know what’s in the book, then life styles would be different. For instance, people that lie, deceive and manipulate individuals, the norm in today’s world, especially in the corporate world, and also in religion. Having knowledge of the Holy Bible would convict people from doing such evil acts.

The most important reason why we should know what’s in the book is that if a person’s name is not in the book of life, then such people WILL not enter Heaven and will suffer the consequence of eternal separation from God for all eternity, this is called the second death.

The goods news is, there is still time before the first death, to make amends and get one’s the name written in the book of life.

The fake angel of light ( ugly Satan) doesn’t want folks to know this as the devil wants company in hell, he is the mother and father of all lies.

The Bible says he has deceived most of the world, even the elites.

Jesus Christ, Son Of the Living God, died for you and me so that we would not suffer the consequence of the second death.

However He (Jesus) will not force anybody, we all have free will.

So do yourself a favor get your name in the Book of Life, by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, and repent.

Until next time, Keep Believing Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel.