Perfect Not Permissive Will of God.

The Bible says in the Book of Acts ‘ And David served God’s will and purpose for his generation.

Once a person has seen this life, the good, bad and ugly, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that one should emulate King David by serving God’s will and purpose in one’s generation.

This World has nothing to offer, once a person has encountered Presence of God and the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit. The world is second class and inferior to the light of Jesus Christ.

Having said that, One has to be careful, serving the Lord and His purpose is great, but due diligence is needed, why? It’s what most people are aware of; the devil is in a lot of the Churches. A particular CLICK, which I don’t need to mention its name has taken over, the danger here, is a person wanting to serve God and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ could end up bowing down to Lucifer (God forbid). It’s the Truth, and it’s happening left, right and center.

What’s new under the sun, in the Old Testament, we saw this over and over again, the Israelites bowing down to Baal.

Such things are happening in the Body Christ; this can’t allow a great move of God that we so hunger for.

I’m not even talking about the world, as we know who their father is anyway, but the Church of Jesus Christ, the Church in which Jesus suffered for on the Cross.

Some have the audacity to allow the enemy dictate how the church of our Saviour must be run, instead of for the Holy Spirit.

Thank goodness, God is rich in mercy, but we can’t take His mercy for granted. I believe for us to see a move of God, Judgement and God’s wrath must come first.

Come on; it’s too much, it’s hard to talk about, the reason is, as one talks and writes about it, one feels the pain that Our LORD Jesus Christ and God must be feeling.

The silly thing is, the fake Church thinks we don’t know who they are. I know they didn’t start out this way, and all I can say is repent and do it quick and fast, cause the end will not be good.

Judgment MUST come to the Body of Christ first. Guess what; it’s coming very soon.

The closer a person walks with God, one starts to feel Heaven, just like the Song says, ‘Your presence is Heaven to me’ A lot of innocent church goers want to experience that, but the institution is denying them the opportunity.

If the organizations think they will not pay a severe price and the consequences, then they have been deceived by the devil.

Something has to change, and it has to change NOW.

Our CRY, can only be and is, Father God, Please send your Mighty Angels and the Holy Spirit, to clean up the entire Body of Christ world wide. Father God we want a Pure and Holy Church, so Your Awesome POWER can flow freely, Father God, we ask this in Jesus Name. Do it immediately Father God in Jesus Name we PRAY. Amen

Until next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel