J-E-S-U- S…..JESUS. Thank You.

As 2017 comes to an end and as we usher 2018, to those who know Him and have a relationship with Him, and recognize Him as their LORD and SAVIOUR, join me in thanking JESUS for His faithfulness.

The most significant appreciation is His protection from the evil ones. As God’s Word proclaims, they (the wicked) we come against us, BUT they will not prevail against us. I can testify about God’s faithfulness in this area.

I have seen a bit of Life in my time, and from my experience, my conclusion is, it’s wise to put Jesus first and the center of all we do.

It’s the Name of Jesus that gives us peace that passes all understanding, His Name provides hope, and POWER that keeps us, and provides us with the confidence, that No weapon formed against us shall prosper.

However, we always have our part to play, which is, drawing near to the Lord and He will draw near to us. I know sometimes we get busy, but let us ask the Holy Spirit to help us not to neglect the LORD’s presence, and ask for the grace to prioritize spending time with the LORD.

Secrets are revealed when we are in the presence of the Lord; wisdom is also given us when we chill in God’s presence.

Also the fact that we become who we hang around, when we hang around Jesus we become more like Him, we would have compassion on people as Jesus did, we feel the pain of others as Jesus did.

Jesus wasn’t religious; He was always reaching out touching and blessing lives. He didn’t hide in a building, He prayed often received POWER and used the Power to perform miracles, likewise the early Church.

The world may not know, neither can a lot of people comprehend it, but Jesus is genuinely the ANSWER to the pain and problems of this world. The most significant gift to humanity is JESUS CHRIST, SON of the LIVING GOD.

I Pray God’s gives us the wisdom to communicate the Love of Jesus and the Good News to the world. Most of the time it’s not even preaching but our lifestyle that reveals what we believe. We may be the only expression of Jesus; some people will ever see and read.

May God, therefore, give us the grace to be a living epistle of Jesus Christ.

I Pray that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers in 2018.

God Bless.

Until Next Time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel.