….But a Woman who fears the LORD, Be careful of SET UP’s & TRAPS.

The Bible wisely says How can two be together unless they agree, this verse can be found in Amos 3:3.

The magnitude of the truth in the above scripture is decoded in the verse numbers 3, in fact, we see double 3. This number is a symbol of unity, personal completeness, the name of the Godhead; it stands for the triune GOD. To emphasizes the importance of such revelation/insight in the bible verse has a lot to do with relationships of all kind.

I appreciate the beauty of a lady(most men do) but more critical is a lady that looks after her soul body mind and spirit.

The proverbs 31 kinds of a lady, in the Chapter’s (Proverbs 31 ) own words a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised.

Appearance is excellent, but having good looks is not the whole package. Even God knows the blessing of good looks. Sarah, the wife of Abraham in her old age was a beauty. The bible also describes Job’s daughters as more beautiful than any female in the land.

The Blessing to Job was double of what he ( Job) lost, restoring what was taken from him. Therefore it’s fair to say the beauty of a female is a blessing from the Lord.

As I said, earlier beauty is part of the package but not the full package. Beauty plus the fear of the LORD is the complete package.

What good is it if a lady entices a man with her beauty, that ultimately leads to the deliverance of a man to his enemies. We remember Samson and Delilah and also Solomon and his many wives.

The enemy of our soul has a few tricks; one is to press hard on the weakness of a man. Therefore May God open His servants and messengers eyes to see how the enemy is trying to set up traps. ( SET UP’s & TRAPS).

In this 20th century, we often hear couples say we have grown apart and don’t love each other anymore. What I think is the real issue is that they probably married the wrong person, they didn’t take time to find their SOUL MATE and also test whether they were both compatible with who they think is their Soulmate.

I am not going to go into the relationship talk as I don’t think I naturally qualify to talk about such topic, however, I could tap into the Holy Ghost for wisdom, but I don’t think the time is right.

All I am saying it’s a combo of Body, Soul, Mind, and Spirit. Nothing beats a lady with a pure and sweetheart. A kind-hearted lady can quickly make the heart of a man melt.

So, ladies, it’s nice to look hot and regularly work out, but if you don’t know Jesus, and not willing to see where you will spend eternity, then there is a tremendous emptiness within your soul.

In concluding, don’t just spend time on your physical body, but also develop your spirit and your soul.

Until Next time. Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel.