Make sure your soul is saved.

Terror has struck again, this time it happens to be in Barcelona. I have said it before and am sure that a lot of people are aware that we are in the Last days.

I Pray for the families of the victims that God comforts them gives them his amazing grace to deal with the pain.

Some might say if God is real why does He allow this to happen. Well, my answer to that is that we do live in a fallen world, evil is real in our World, I have seen evil first hand myself, the only reason I am standing is due to God’s protection.

I am fortunate to have a relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ, and all this is by His Grace.

God offers a relationship with anybody that so desires to have one with Him. However He doesn’t false us to come to Him, most of the time it’s a still small voice, knocking on the door of a person’s heart, and God asking if He could come in, it’s up to us to respond appropriately.

The time we spend in this world is short (even if will live to a 100 years old ) relative to the time we will spend in eternity.

I believe the main reason we are here is to grow our soul, ( the part of us that lives forever) as this indicates the place we go in the afterlife.

Everything we do in this life is recorded, and we would give an account of our actions on the day of judgment.

However God offers us the opportunity to right our wrongs and accepts His son( Jesus Christ) as our Lord and Saviour according to the Christian Faith, that’s the only way our wrongdoings can be erased, and we start afresh with our names written in the book of life.

The Book of Life is a book that has the names of those that would spend eternity in heaven.

Most people have the impression that to know God, they must be religious, – religion is a group of people’s belief, but what is important is one’s relationship with God. As often people are put off God due to what they have seen or heard about religious folks.

What I have learned on my journey is that religion is made up of people, and we think they are perfect, so when we see imperfection in them, we come to a conclusion, that the God thing is all games and tricks.

The right way to go about is to have a personal relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit will lead us where to go and not to go, who to trust and not to trust.

Religion has given God a bad name, and that will not change, do you know it was the Religious folks that killed Jesus? ( Yes, the original plan was, He came to die for humanity and save the World), The religious institution was also responsible for the deaths of people that translated the Bible into English in the 1500s.

It’s wise to be able to separate the two( religion & God), as everybody’s is in need of salvation.

When you have a relationship with God His precious Holy Spirit comes to live on the inside of you, He would teach you the word of God the Bible, and lead you to the appropriate Church, ( He could also lead you to other churches after a season).

To know more about the spirit world and human soul, please get a copy of my book called “How to be prepared for the Afterlife” on Amazon.

If you want a relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ, please say the following short prayer:

Dear God, please forgive me for my wrongdoings(Sins) I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, Jesus come into my heart and live with me together with the Holy Spirit. Amen

It’s that simple; The Holy Spirit will now start leading you, make sure you call upon Him, such as Holy Spirit I need you, help me, lead me, etc. and He would.

Once again, I send out Love and prayers to people of Barcelona, and all people round the world in pain or sorrow of one kind or another.

Do yourself a favor and get your soul saved.

Until next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel