Don’ t be caught off guard ….PRAY.(Terror in Barcelona)

What we have to realize is that the enemy goes around like a roaring Lion looking for whom he shall devour, the same is true with terrorist.

They are always watching and waiting, what we could do as people is always pray. Prayer should be a daily part of our life. We all need protection, and the only person that can give it is God, and for God to do this, we have to PRAY.

I wrote a simple e-book on prayer and how to protect yourself from the evil terrorist, get a copy today it’s on Amazon. Don’t be the one that suffers due to lack of knowledge, it’s an easy read with sample prayers that should be said every day, especially before one leaves home in the morning.

Prayer is the greatest form of Power in the universe; it releases our angels and the Holy Spirit to watch and protect us. Don’t be deceived by the devil that they don’t work because they do.

Prayers can change the very core of our world, for the most part, God can only move by our prayers, that’s the way God ordained it to be, please don’t ask me why It’s just God’s way of doing things plain and straightforward.

Prayer also increases our Faith and makes us strong.

So visit Amazon and purchase a copy of my book.

” How to use the Power of Prayer & Meditation To stop and protect yourself from Terrorism.”

Until next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving

Peace. Daniel