The Martin Luther King Dream 1

Education is crucial for black people, and the minorities in today’s world, especially if you live in the western hemisphere. Looking back at the Martin Luther King’s speech delivered 54 years ago we have come a long. I bet if someone told MLK that in fifty years’ time we would have a black President, not just for one term but two terms, he would probably just say Amen, but still have doubt in his heart.

One of the reasons President Obama was elected is he is a brilliant individual, one of the greatest speakers ever, and likewise his wife, Michelle. They are both well educated.

So bottom line, for a person to be judge by the contents of their character rather than their skin colour, there has to be substance about that person, such as intellect, good education gives confidence. It’s never too late to learn something new.

I know we have progressed as a people, and we must be thankful for those that paved the way, such as Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, etc. However, racism still plays a significant role in our society.

I am and always will be proud of President Obama, as the first black President of the most powerful country in the world; he did a great job and carried out the office of the President with honour and dignity. It goes to show that everybody has greatness in them if they have the chance or opportunity.

What I have realised is that we have to better ourselves, so that we can be the part that we desire, also depending on someone else to promote us other that God, we are just waiting our time, cause that is how manipulation starts. Let our promotion come from God.
Another important fact is that anything a fellow human gives, they can take it back.

Another observation I have noticed is that we live in a society that people crave for titles, I believe because it gives them stupid power to control other people, and also help their silly ego. It also helps their insecurities. Real power is the power that comes from God.

Even that power (from God) we have to work it and pay the price in prayer. When you get this anointing, you now have the evil people that want to steal it. My message to them is that you will hurt yourself. A Moab (Mother of all Bombs) that represents the wrath of God will be used to take you out.

Personally, I don’t see colour, I see humans, and I look for the character and values that each person holds. Just like the Civil rights Leader said when he gave the famous speech for jobs and freedom.

The sad thing is after 50 years, we are not there yet, minorities and people of colour and still being stereotyped. All I can say don’t let anybody hold you down.

As a Stocks Shares & Investments teacher/ trainer, I have come across hundreds of people of different backgrounds. I have had Mangers, Directors, Lawyers, Doctors, etc. Teaching them what I know, made me realise that am not better than anyone and no one is better than me.

Our experience gives us confidence, both work and education because we live in a society that people of colour are looked down upon. Therefore remembering what we are capable of doing, helps our self-esteem.

Personally, I am proud of my accomplishment regarding education and work experience, but that doesn’t make it easier because some employers will turn a blind eye to all that and all they see is a person of colour.

It’s important we know our worth; if not the society we live will try to undermine our capabilities. People of colour/minority have to work harder, be honest and obey the rules of the land, live a life of dignity and respect.

I am the voice for injustice in our society, in every aspect of the word. An Activist, so to speak, so that our world can be better for the next generation.

Until next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace Daniel