My Spiritual Awakening Journey Journal 27

The Two Kingdoms in Operation.

As we are all aware, two kingdoms are in operation in our exciting world. My focus will be on God’s kingdom, I might refer to the other realm, but I will try not to give too much attention. 

As Christians, we know that our journey on earth is part of a bigger picture. We see every experience we encounter has an impact on our Souls, especially the challenging situations. 

The exciting thing about our Soul is that the necessary experience we must go through is not just for this world but for eternity. 

The Important factors about the Human Soul are as follows:

  1. Our Soul never dies.
  2. Everything we do has a consequence on our Soul.
  3. God’s commands and laws are for our Soul’s benefit.
  4. Our Soul has value, and it is priceless. 
  5. The most crucial thing about us is not our possessions or place in society but our SOUL – be wise and reverence God and His laws.

Inasmuch as many people profess to be Christians and mark registers at a Church building on Sundays, their deeds contradict their so-called Christianity.

People need to ask themself honest questions about what they believe. 

The other kingdom that operates heavily in our world does not believe what Christians believe. 

I believe our Soul lives forever, and our Soul grows in character here on planet earth.

 As much as Heaven is still a mystery to even the highly Spiritual people on earth, I believe the only place for our Soul to grow is here on earth. 

As we pick up from what Jesus said about John the Baptist, there are ranks in Heaven. 

Matthew 11.11 Truly I tell you, among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist, yet he who is least in the kingdom of Heaven is greater than he. (Amplified).

I wish I could say I fully comprehend the verse, but I do not; what I do take from it is that there are ranks from the Kingdom of Heaven. 

I do see from the verse that those folks NOT born of women in the Kingdom of Heaven would only be Angels and Archangels; I think this is a fair conclusion. 

There are some very despicable things done here on earth by some people that profess to know God and go to church on Sunday; all the evil they do tarnishes their SOUL. 

I don’t think these people can change,(however nothing is impossible, God, but such people MUST want to change); some even started good and LOVED the LORD at some stage of their walk.

However, just like Judas, the devil has entered them, and when this happens the light, they once had, goes away and they are filled with wickedness and evil and hindering destiny for God’s children

I often wonder how some people can be filled with so much evil, but I guess it happens when they go to the Darkside. All the light they once had in the past is gone. Wickedness NOW starts to follow as they get promoted based on the evil they do. 

When one’s EYE is clean and clear, one sees folks for who they are; things are crystal CLEAR. – One thing for sure is OUR GOD IS GREATER. Amen

Since we must desire to prosper ( May you prosper and be in health even as your Soul Prospers 3John 1.2)and pursue our purpose to fulfill destiny when it comes to our SOUL, we should not CUT CORNERS. We need to treasure OUR SOUL. 

Our Soul is not just for this time-space reality and but more importantly, for eternity.

The Bible, what can we give in exchange for our SOUL, and our ANSWER SHOULD BE NOTHING. Our SOUL belongs to GOD.

In the book of Jeremiah, it says God approved of Jeremiah’s SOUL before he was formed in his mother’s womb, which speaks our volumes. 

Manifestation of a prosperous life is a big thing nowadays, especially on Youtube, and it’s a good thing. However, we MUST have balance and realize that our Soul goes beyond our living on planet earth. 

Has anyone ever wondered how God could have approved of Jeremiah’s Soul before he was formed in his mother’s womb?

Well, I believe Jeremiah was an old SOUL, meaning he had embarked upon many earthly journeys; consequently, his Soul grew, and God approved of him to be His Prophet to the Nations. 

 There is nothing wrong in desiring an Abundant life as Jesus Himself said; I have you that you might have life and have more abundantly. ( John 10.10)

However, prosper God’s way, do not comprise your SOUL; I pray God’s gives us a more profound revelation of the Human Soul. Do not let the devil deceive you, as he wants folks to end where he will end up. 

Let’s keep Afghanistan in prayers and the people who make policies and decisions because it’s the ordinary folk that suffers at the end of the day. God’s wisdom is still supreme; unfortunately, not everybody can access God for insight

Until Next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.  

Peace. Daniel – The Christian Activist & Warrior