My Spiritual Awakening Journey Spiritual Journal 14

Finding God’s best

We often hear looking after Spirit, Body and Soul.

The soul is hard to define but plays the most crucial role in this life and the next, but rest assured that our Spirit rules overall in this life.

Our Spirit is a container of our power, and when the enemy chooses to attack at any hour, we have the dunamis in our reservoir to fight back.

No one knows what tomorrow will bring, so I am living in every moment, capturing what needs to be learned, not wasting time with t.v entertainment, not wanting my enemies to catch me off guard.

Sometimes the battle gets hot, but I never get burnt, like the 3 Hebrew boys, in flaming fire, the King had to admire when he saw the fourth man that looked like the son of God, because He is faithful to His word, never to leave us nor forsake us, but always wanting to awake us to manifest the sons & daughters of the true living God.

Every so often, I see people with physical infirmity, and I say to myself I wish I could heal the person, as I have a feeling that I have the gift, but how do I make the shift to release the power obtained from God the Father for the very hour.

I would love to use every virtue in me to bless humankind – our human race, but the so-called body of Christ has been far from kind to me, they think I can’t see, they forget I am seer, but I always perceive even if it is sooner or later. Their actions cause pain and result in burnt bridges, making it hard to get to the ridges.

I figured one of the reasons for not coming into the fullness of God and His power is because the evil folks want to deny me to become one flesh, the part taken from me when God put me in a deep rest (before the foundation of the world). Without the unification of the one flesh, a man can never be used for God’s best.

The world gets it wrong as they often do, but I am talking about Adam and Eve and NOT Adam and Steve. What God my Father loves I Love and what He hates, I likewise, God my Father hates abomination, and I follow in His footsteps, we don’t hate the person or people, just the act of abomination.

So I claim the bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh NOW when I see her I will know her, and she could even be a Ruth, what I say is in the Word of God, so you bet am speaking the truth.

The more I awakening spiritually, the more I grow and see. All you big-name celebrities that show in my sleep; the scriptures cannot be broken (John 10.35). What you have stolen you will pay back; all your demonic doctrine will not stop the judgment of God, remember the Word of God, in Proverbs 6.31– if the thieves are caught, they will pay back sevenfold of what they have stolen.

Proverbs 6.31 applies to everyone (blood, the religious- emails, YouTube, I see you all), and I perceive what you are doing and have done, keep burning the bridges, as my pain has gone.

God commands us to Love; hence I must Love, but your evil practice is rough, and when will enough be enough, but I sure don’t have to like those that practice dark magic on me to stop, hinder and afflict my life but I know God in His mercy will make things RIGHT. Amen

No weapon formed against me shall prosper in Jesus Name.

Just like the days of Noah, God will have the last word.

Remember Jesus Christ is the Light & Saviour of the World.

God Bless

Until Next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.
Peace. Daniel – The Christian Activist & Warrior