No time for shallowness

The new US Open Champion, Naomi Osaka’s dad, is from Haiti and her mum is from Japan.

According to YouTube, her mum’s parents cut off Naomi’s mum for ten years( they did want to see her) because she had a black partner.

On Saturday The product of this relationship – Naomi became the first grand slam tennis winner for Japan.

World it’s time we grow up, and get past this color thing. By the way, there is no color in heaven.

The words of Martin Luther King – don’t judge a person based on the color of their skin but by their character and contents of a person’s heart.

It very shallow to base one’s judgement on color, As a people we have all come a long way, Let’s all learn from the past and from the ignorance of others.

Naomi and her younger sister are both professional tennis players and represent Japan, I believe they live in the US.

We are all created equal under God. Amen.

Well done & Congratulations Naomi.

In God whom I serve and stand, stay Blessed.

Until next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel – The Christian activist.