The Reason they kneel.

I feel led to write about the incident in Dallas when an off-duty police officer ( according to the news) mistook someone else’s apartment for hers and shot & killed the person that lived in the apartment. (Jean Botham)

As we still don’t know the in’s and out’s of what happened, it is sad to hear of such stories ( killing of the innocent ) over and over again.

It’s easier not to say anything and look the other direction, but if that’s the case how will things get better in our world, and how will we ever see justice.

Now people can understand the reason people kneel during the National anthem, these folks are NOT disrespecting the flag, but are just bringing attention to the injustices that regularly occur in their vicinity.

Having studied the life of Civil Right Leaders, such Martin Luther King, and struggle that Nelson & Winnie Mandela had to endure to free South Africa, it’s hard to keep quiet when one sees injustice around the world.

Every life matters and our individual life MUST stand for something that will have a positive impact on the upcoming generations.

It’s fair to say that the Luther kings and the Rosa parks paved the way for President Obama, and the Mandela’s paved the way for the current political leaders in South Africa & Justice that the current generation are enjoying ( Freedom). So what are we doing to create a better environment for the younger generation?

It’s essential that we are always a voice, and stand for justice & truth, we are responsible for the next generation, as we are ripping the benefit of the sacrifice of past generations.

Please be a voice and take a stand.

God bless.

Until next time, Keep Believing Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel – The Christian activist.