Obedience to what God tells us

The reason why I have called the title of this blog Obedience to what God tells us is that a spiritual or religious figure could ask or say to a person to do something and because of one’s respect for the person and their office, a person might probably do it.

In a situation like this if God hasn’t said otherwise then it’s fine, but only if it bears witness with one’s spirit, and also is prayed about it before one does whatever it is.

There is a Chapter in the Bible that freaks me out more than any other part of the Scriptures, which is 1 Kings 13. A young prophet traveled from Judah, and on his way back, God gives this young prophet an instruction. ( don’t go back to where you are coming from, don’t eat or drink anything from the place. Etc. )

Then an older prophet meets up with him, lies to him saying an angel of God told him that the younger prophet should do other than what God had initially told him to do.

Maybe out of respect for the older prophet he (younger prophet) disobeyed God

Another example would be Moses ( Prophet), God said speak to the rock for it to produce water, but he struck it.

There are many stories in the Bible that, ( King Saul) when we do other than what God has told us there are enormous consequences.

From passages of scripture above the repercussions are, the young prophet was killed by a lion, Moses was not allowed to go into the promised land after all his hard work, and King Saul was rejected as King.

Personally, God used 1 Kings 13, to communicate with me and, I could not afford to make a mistake or mess up.

I had been familiar with the chapter for some time, then one day I was speaking to my sister, and she made reference to this section, and inside me, I was like in all the chapters in the bible, it’s this chapter you are using to make a point.

Inside of me, I knew it was God talking through her, then several months ago during my daily devotion this chapter was my reading for the day, it was like the words jumped out of the page right into my face.

I knew it was a word from the Lord and I knew what it meant, and the Lord would over the cause of time use other scriptures to address the same point. Therefore it was my responsibility to act accordingly.

When a Christian is young in the faith, then God could overlook disobedience ( however consequences remain) due to a person’s ignorance, but as one matures or is supposed to have grown then such a person would pay for it dearly, sooner or later.

God is always looking for someone after His heart, a person He could trust, in the book of Chronicle it says ”For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose hearts are entirely His.”

Also to bring something else to light, there is a misconception that when we act in obedience, then things or the situation would be smooth sailing, not necessarily so.

The Christian walk is and will always be a walk of faith. When He ( God) is not so clear as to His leading, prayer and sufficient time in His presence are crucial as this strengthens our spirit.

I had also noticed that He ( God) would put someone close ( such a pastor, a fellow Christian) to you that you trust and have easy access. However, not all pastors can be trusted therefore be very careful.

Finally, obey what God has told you to do for it’s for our benefit and the ultimate benefit is for the Kingdom of God- the Body of Christ.

Until next time, Keep Believing Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Before I go, I would like to shout out to Bethel worship; their music is such a Blessing, May God keep on blessing you all and your music. Amen ( I would love to visit someday)

Peace. Daniel