Just this one thing ( The Lack of Spiritual Knowledge – Spiritual Coma)

If anyone walks down the high street in any part of the world one would come across various types of people – young, old, descent, pleasant and well behaved for the most part at least.

One would also see people going to work, some shopping and some going to school or college, etc.

Also from one’s observation would be a civilized society, operating efficiently and effectively in most cases.

However there is just this one thing that is missing in my opinion, and this is the chief cornerstone of any life, and it is the lack of spiritual knowledge and truth, and this is the case with most people I see on the high street, and my understanding comes from discernment.

As God usually would ask His messengers in the Bible what they saw from time to time, He ( God) still does the same thing today.

Therefore what I see again is people in a spiritual coma and to be honest this kind of bothers me. Most of the people I know are nice and pleasant, but they only lack the most important thing.

To make a change from how things are and to how things should be, we Christians need wisdom from God. Even if it’s just as giving tracks to people that says Jesus Loves them and wants to have a relationship with them can make a huge difference.

Looking at the Church, I believe it should be mandatory that every Church around the world should have an evangelical team that is active. Instead of sitting in the comfort of the four walls of a Church, they have to sow seeds of God’s Love to people and save souls. Every Church needs to do 100% more in evangelizing.

The reason why everybody needs Jesus is simple, He is the only one that can save their soul, and He is the Light of the world. We all have the responsibility of taking this truth public.

Until next. Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel