One of the greatest Spiritual Gifts

Discernment is to know, and awareness of something revealed supernaturally. Just like our Lord and Saviour knew the hearts of people that came around Him, we as followers of Jesus Christ have the same potential.

Every spiritual gift is sharpened as spend time in the presence of God. What I have also noticed is sometimes God will hide things from us for a short moment, and at the appropriate time, He ( God,/ Holy Spirit) will reveal it to us.

When information is revealed to us, or The Holy Spirit has given us the discernment, is because He wants to act appropriately, and the ultimate reason is to protect us.

Praying Jeremiah 33:3 regularly is also essential and wise. As a Christian matures, it’s mandatory that we NEVER rely on our natural senses. Since we are a spirit, we must expect to hear and obtain information from our spirit.

God has many ways of revealing things to us, one of the best ways, is when we are in His presence. Hidden secrets are always made know to us when we are in God’s presence. Therefore as a Christian, we must crave God’s presence, it MUST be our priority.

The closer we get to the LORD, we would always want to be in His presence. Apparently, the best way is, to be alone in His presence, also during our daily activities, such as, at work, or during everyday duties, with the skill, we can practice His presence.

Personally, I have zero tolerance for anyone that uses dark magic on me. When a person gets spiritually attacked, The Holy Spirit reveals the source to us always.

I have had people even in the so-called Church use dark magic on me, and I have ZERO tolerance for such acts. , I will say hello if I come across such individual, but I will never be close to such person, I will forgive, but keep 100% distance. ( Never confront a person that God has revealed to you is a secret enemy)

Any person that uses dark magic ( witchcraft) on you is your enemy period. Never let such person come into your inner circle.

In conclusion, always spend time in God presence. The Holy Spirit will show us every plan and hidden agenda of those around us, and when this happens, The Holy Spirit will then tell us the actions we need to take to protect ourselves.

Nothing can compare to being in God’s presence, the Bible says taste and see.
We taste God / The Holy Spirit when we are in His presence. Taste and see that the Lord is good. This is part of His amazing Grace and the evidence of God’s goodness.

One last point, Jesus is not to be compromised, it’s all or nothing in other the words 100% Jesus Amen.

Until Next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel