One Heart One Soul Equals to Great Grace

It’s understandable how the early church could do what they did – turned the world upside down. , it will take a great Miracle for this generation even to try and imitate the early Church, but nothing is impossible with God, but just the thought of it requires great faith.

The Bible says in Acts 4.32-33 (Amp) ….Now the company of believers was of one heart and soul, and GREAT GRACE (loving-kindness and favor and goodwill) rested richly upon them all.

Goodwill is defined as helpful, cooperative feeling or attitude, it also means established a reputation.

Everybody has a reputation, I have one, and you have one, more importantly, your local Church has one. Since your Church is part of the Body of Christ, Do you know the reputation of yours?

The status of a Church could bring new converts to Church or push them always.

I know Churches have needs, BUT caution must be taken when it comes to an unbeliever visiting your church about to give their life to Christ but put off because of the emphasis placed upon money.

I was under the impression that God owns all the Gold and silver and a cattle on a thousand hills.

Another question is, why are ALTAR CALLS not made at every church service, it’s it mostly about saving of Souls?

Some Churches are great giving alter calls, for people to get saved and some are not. The Bibles say the angels rejoice when one person gets saved. It might be a person’s only chance.

Going back to the book of Acts, they had a oneness about them; they had each other’s, back a good reputation, and dignity.

It would be disrespectful, to even try and compare today’s church with the early church. They (early church) carried themselves in a way that God couldn’t help but pour GREAT GRACE upon them and their ministry.

Great also means distinguished, therefore the body of Church must provide an atmosphere so God can pour His Spirit and Grace upon His Church.

They didn’t have all the domination we have today, probably made it easier; we are trying to figure out who are the real churches and who are the fake and false churches. What are the characters of a false church, Prophet or Minister?

Well, it’s not my place to point fingers, am just thinking of the deceived souls. So Souls are not sent to the wrong place.

Unless the Lord builds the house those that labor, labor in vain. Only God’s power can bring about a revival.

For the early Church, to be in one heart and one soul meant they were in union together.

Around 30 minutes before reading my bible and writing this I was in prayer, I had a vision of seeing two empty drinking glasses.

Putting the dots together could it be that for the Lord to pour out Great Grace for a revival there has to be a union in the body, as two stands for a union? Well, what do I know? Am just the messenger

Until next time Keep Believing Keep Hoping Keep Loving

Peace. Daniel