Positive Flashbacks (Remember past Victories)

The good old mind is always active; thank goodness we have the discipline to control it. It’s up to us to channel it to positivity. In the book of Proverbs 23.7, it’s put this way ‘As a person thinks so are they’ basically what that means is that whatever we continually think we will become.
Now having walked this planet for some time, we can all agree to have had good and bad occurrences, which have given us positive and negative memories.
Some things have happened in the past that we never want to remember, I confess I have a few. On the flipside, there are good memories, past victories and successes that we like to reminisce
Reminisce means to indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events, remember with pleasure, and cast one’s mind back to the good incident.

When faced with new challenges, our past victories and successes must always be called upon to give us Strength, Faith and Hope, especially we a person is up against a wall.

In other words having happy thoughts from memories of past victories & successes.

As long as we are in time and space reality, there will always be new challenges. Every moment when we are awake, we are always emitting power.
This emission has a lot to do with our thinking & feeling. The flowing force coming from us when we are in faith, confidence is pure positive energy.
On the other hand, the power coming from us when a person is afraid, fearful is negative energy.

In the book of Numbers 13 .1, God told Moses to send out leaders to spy the land I am giving to the children of Israel. Twelve leaders were sent only two came back with a positive report.

Ten leaders had fear energy; the other two leaders had faith, power. The leaders with positive energy/power were Caleb & Joshua. The Bible says these two had a different spirit.

Now the obvious question is how they could have a different mind-set?
The answer lies, in what they fed their spirit with, this simply set them apart from the crowd.

An Example was when Moses went to meet with God,(Exodus 33:7-11)  Joshua his assistant stayed outside the tent of meeting, as Moses was in the presence of God. Even when Moses finished his meeting with God, Joshua would remain there.
When a person hangs around with God and is in God’s presence, the God kind of faith comes upon the person.

This (faith) by no means says things will be easy when walking in and living by faith,  but possibly and achievable.

God wanted the Israelites to remember the miracles He performed in bringing them out of Egypt, unfortunately only Joshua and Caleb remembered. That’s why they came back with a positive report.

This story happened more than 4000 years ago, but the spiritual truth is applicable today and forever.

Breaking this down, when we remember past victories, there is an active force of believing and hope that saturates our mind, spirit and soul.
God’s Spirit can only work where there is faith and believe, His Spirit cannot move in fear, doubt atmosphere. There are some exceptions such if the faith of a prophet is present.( Not going into detail, maybe a future blog).

To summarise all this, no matter what we face, we must remember that it’s not over until the victory is sealed, and we most cultivate the discipline to create an atmosphere of Faith, Believe and Hope around us.
Until next time, keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.
Peace Daniel.