How to get a natural high, Feel & Look a million bucks.

It’s human nature to want to feel good; we were created to want to be in a peaceful atmosphere and harmony. As we also make the best decisions and great ideas come to us when we are in this frame of mind.
However if you live in the 21 century, to be in a harmonious state of mind is not automatic, in fact, it could be more of a challenge, to get into this quiet wellbeing zone. To encounter this bliss-full moment, one has to be disciplined and intentional, before the ushering of this necessary pleasure can take place.
Some people look for the easy way out, to feel good, the downside to that is the deplorable condition of substance abuse. The drug use in most cases hurts people’s physical and mental health.

A cheaper, healthier and better way to get a natural high and feel good is to use the spa- Sauna & Stream room,
I became aware of these hot rooms around 17 years ago, and I must confess I am hooked and have a healthy addiction to the heat and stream.
It relaxes me and quiets my mind (chatterbox). I also get more clarity on issues/situations  that I currently have on the table.
Scientists say they can enhance a longer life, for those that want to live a very long life, such as living beyond 100 years old. Using these hot rooms could help in seeing this dream come to pass. The explanation for this is the fact that when Sauna’s are frequently used it turns on the longevity gene which produces Anti – ageing antioxidants which boost the gene that becomes less active with age.
Benefits of the Sauna are:
1.    It enables the muscles to be kept healthy and relaxed.
2.    Regular use will help say bye  to wrinkles
3.    Healthy fresh and glowing skin.
4.    It contributes in getting rid of /significantly reduce stress.
5.    It relieves tension from the body and minimises joint pain, people that have arthritis, and headaches will find this advantageous.
6.    It calms down the mind relaxes and reduces stress.
7.    If a person has sleeping problems – insomnia, using a Sauna will help to induce sleep.
8.    Endorphins are released from the body as the body gets absorbed in the heat of the Sauna. Endorphins are a feel good chemical that comes from the brain. The chemicals will reduce stress, helps relaxation which will ultimately help you have a good night sleep.

Benefits of the Stream Room:
1.    The hot stream aid and helps us to breath better it helps get rid of congestion. It opens the mucous membranes, which  would relief sinus, also help people that suffer from asthma and bronchitis.
2.    The use of the stream room speeds up one’s metabolism, which can help lose weight. The fact that we sweat indicates that we are losing water, as water makes a significant part of body weight.
3.    As a result of the stream and Sauna, a removal of toxins and this makes the skin fresh and cleansed.

The dry heat from the Sauna is excellent for muscle relaxation and also reduces one’s blood pleasure.
It also opens the pores and increases blood circulation.

The Stream detoxes the body, and with cold showers makes the skin glow, one’s appearance feels and looks fresh and younger, and a person is full of energy.

Until next time, keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel