Prayers for the victims of Manchester ‘s Ariana Grande’s Concert

22  young people died including children and over 59 people injured as a result of a bombing that occurred after the pop concert of Ariana Grande.

Our prayers and thoughts are with the families of the youngsters that died yesterday and also our prayer are with the injured, we believe  God for miraculous healing for those in the hospital.

Things are getting darker, and the question is how do we protect ourselves from the terror that sadly seems to be on the increase, do we look to the Government, the Police or the secret intelligence?

I believe the various government departments are doing the best they can, and what seems to be neglected is God. The Bible has loads of promises to protect us and guide us.

However, from my experience of how God’s promises work is that first, we must be aware of God’s promises, such as promises of protection and safety, then  having a relationship with our heavenly Father. We must know what is in the book (Bible).

God’s Word/ promises only work when it’s activated. For example, you have a Bankcard, your late relative left you an inheritance, money has been transferred to your bank account, and the Bank send you a card. However, you need to activate the card before you can withdraw your money. So you call the Bank, and to get your card activated, then withdraw  freely and  spend your money.

God’s word and promises for protection are activated when the word enters our spirit/heart, and we meditate /ponder on these promises regularly, and the POWER of God’s word becomes active in us.

Just like in the natural, we will benefit from the Love of our biological parents when we have relationships with them. When we have a relationship with God, then God’s Spirit comes in us and abides in us, and God’s Spirit is leading and directing us.

God’s Spirit knows everything, but He can’t help if we don’t spend time with Him regularly in prayer.

The Society has done everything to make God not relevant, but the only assurance we have with the increased terror activities is to seek the face of God. We have to bring God back to the schools, and everything we do.

There are  lying and deceptive spirits out in our world, and this hasn’t caught God by surprise, and God has given us the Spirit of truth, that will lead and protects us if only would believe and come to God the Father, who is a God of Love.

I pray for the families of the Victims of this tragedy, and those injured, I pray for miraculous healing for them.
God will never force Himself on us, but He is real and able to protect us when we come to him, this is what I know for sure. What I also know is we all need the LORD.

Stay Safe.

Until next time – Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving

Peace. Daniel