The Lord orders our steps to other people based on Proven Goodwill

It is better to have no track record than a bad one, what I mean is that we human beings forgive, but never forget, at the mention of any name, – a person known to us, will bring out particular emotion in us. Such emotion could be positive or negative or in-between.

For instance, if a person goes to a shop or restaurant encounters a negative experience, there is a tendency, that you would probably not return to that particular store/ restaurant any time soon or never.

In Financial Accounting, there is an intangible asset called Goodwill, it can’t  be seen nor touched, and has to do with a good history of  reputation in the conduct of business, and as a result, a monetary value is placed upon  this intangible asset. Therefore if the Company decides to sell its business and you want to buy it , you must pay for it’s acquired Goodwill as it’s part of the Company’s assets.

We as individuals and or group of people also have goodwill. People forgive as the Lord commands but tend never to forget things.

We as people always remember the good, bad and ugly that we have encountered and this forms a huge part in future decision making.  Which to be fair is not necessary a bad thing.
For example, if the Apostles of Jesus heard the name of Judas, in a much as they were Holy men of God, they may not have a pleasant emotion as  compared to hearing the name of Blind Bartimaeus,  the person  Jesus healed.

They didn’t have any track record with Bartimaeus; they had no dealing with him apart from the fact that Jesus healed him.

What I am trying to establish is that we must think twice before we act and always think of the long-term consequences.

There is a saying “that people can’t see beyond their nose”, we must weigh our actions, As the Lord, for the most part, will not lead us to someone we don’t feel comfortable being around, as a result of past dealings.

The Lord will also take it into consideration for the most part when He is ordering our steps.

The Bible says we reap what we sow, if we sow honesty and integrity we will reap it, and when people think of us, these characters come to mind.

Likewise, if we sow dishonesty and lies, we would reap it, and when people think us or want to make a decision, these Characters come to mind.

An individual may only deceive another person for a short while, sooner or later every body’s true color will be seen in the open, and a perception is now formed based on the past experiences.

Therefore let us work on our self so that we have a goodwill of honesty and integrity. As nobody  in their right mind will engage in business with a Company that has a bad reputation of bad service or inferior products, the same applies to us human beings.

We see this lot in politics, in most cases, if a politician has  skeletons in their cupboard, and they come out it could ruin the person chances of getting elected.

So as Christians yes we forgive, but people don’t forget, and trust must be earned, and if trust is broken it can’t be put together again just like glass.

So let’s pursue to build Goodwill’s  that will benefit us in the future, remembering that people can see through us, maybe not immediately, but sooner or later, everything will come to light, this should also be instilled in the younger generation and children.

Finally, in as must as we always have to seek God’s leading and direction; it is human nature to evaluate things based on past incidents, which again is a person’s track record of being honest and truthful.

Until next time, keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace.  Daniel