President Trump an Advocate for the Christian Faith.

I watched a clip today of President Trump speaking at the Celebrate Freedom Concert in Washington D.C.

I must say I was impressed by what the President had to say, and without a doubt, I truly believe that God put President Trump in office, the President has been faithful in being an advocate of the Christian Faith, I don’t think we can ask for anything more.

When an individual puts God first, makes God the center of one’s affairs, ultimately God gives such person the Victory in their affairs. This doesn’t mean that one’s activities are going to be a smooth ride, but rest assured success is imminent.

Godly leaders are important, as they have power to change and transform people. Such chosen people don’t have to be perfect, King David wasn’t perfect, even with his flaws ( King David) God called the King a man after my own heart.

A person’s Faith is the essential substance that gives passion for living, it’s an adventure that is unfolding by the second, ( I am implying Faith in Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, Saviour of the World).

Let’s all remember with God all things are possible, as we start this New Year; I pray billions of Souls will come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

One of the reasons Jesus Christ came was to break the power of darkness. There is POWER in the Name of Jesus also awesome POWER in the BLOOD of Jesus Christ.

On that note, Mr. President, please continue to be a strong advocate of the Christian Faith. God Bless you, President Trump.

There is no time in the spirit world, but Happy New Year to everybody all the same.

God Bless.

Until Next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel.