Who are you and what is your Purpose on Earth? Part 2

It is important that we know who we are and our purpose on earth. Those that have come to such realization, I can guarantee you; it wasn’t easy to get their purpose revelation.

Sometimes we have an idea, but we will not be given the blueprint. That is when we are forced to be in solitude So that we can hear God. However, before we can hear God, we must first be able to know and recognize his voice.

We see similar occurrences in the life of Moses, Apostle Paul, and even Nelson Mandela, to name but a few.

The three names I just mentioned had no choice but to be in solitude. Let’s start with Moses, he knew he was different, and his purpose was to free his people but had not undergone God’s training. Typical human being made a force start; it was not until forty years later that God appears to Moses with the blueprint of his assignment.

Apostle Paul spent a lot of his in prison; he was always arrested because of his message and in jail is where he wrote his letters which now account for three-quarters of the New Testament Bible.

In our eyes they had a hard life, Moses leading his people out of Egypt, Apostle Paul spreading the gospel to the Gentiles, but they were on different levels, they saw into a different dimension, and what they saw made our world seem so small. When you spend time in God’s presence, this world seems so small and immaterial.

Moses had a wife, but when he met God, she was pretty much not existent, Apostle Paul from what we know didn’t have a wife. They both got consumed with their higher calling, the things that mean a lot to the average person – baby soul infant soul, etc., didn’t mean anything to them.

Nelson Mandela is another person I believe was an old Soul, that specifically came to earth for a purpose, he found himself completely when he was in isolation, after 27 years of confinement, he came out a changed man, admired by most people in the world. He had no bitterness, as he knew what happened to him was part of his journey.
A matured or old soul, have to find themselves; they know they are different, but still a little confused as to what is the right path.

The hard life that such souls have to endure is to draw them in, loads of time alone, so that their mission can be revealed.
God gets our attention when we are alone, and we start to recognize his voice.

Natural age and the age of the soul are two different things, a person could be old in age but a young soul, or young in age but an old soul. An Example would be a young person full of wisdom, or skilled in a particular area, when we realize their age we are in shock, that how can such a young person do what the person is doing. The answer is simple the person could be an old soul.

I mentioned Nelson Mandela as an old soul, became the first black president of South Africa, forgot about his pain of struggle and tried to unite the country, and after one term he stepped down.

Old souls know when the mission is accomplished; on the other hand we have Assad of Syria, messed up his country, more than half a million people dead and he is still holding on to power. To me, he could be a baby or infant soul.

Older souls are more considerate and flow in wisdom.

What helped me to discover who I am, was knowing my life path number. People around you could know who you are and gifts you process etc., but they would not tell you, the reason I believe is they want to steal the gift and use your gift for their benefit.

The Holy Spirit, however, will reveal to you at the appropriate time who you are and you would be in a position that, you can be entrusted with power. You have to take ownership of your gifts and calling as people will try and steal and transfer your gifts.

An old work colleague enlightened me, about life path numbers and it has made a great difference in knowing my purpose, and who I am. My strengths, weaknesses and also the gifts such life path numbers possess.

For more on life path numbers go to Google and do some research.

The Bible says many are called, but few are chosen. Also in the book of Matthew, it says, Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the way that leads to life, and only a few find it.…

If you have sold out, repent and turn back to God. Nothing can fulfil you that your real purpose on earth.

Until next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving

Peace Daniel.