Reading the Signs.

Most spiritual people will agree that the most potent spiritual world controls the natural world. I am aware that we always have an explanation for occurrences by our human minds and science.

For instance, most things we can’t explain about the weather we use the term climate change. For some strange reason, we always leave God out of the picture. I guess most people don’t even read His word, so how can they know what He says about certain issues.

Living in the United Kingdom, we are more blessed in regards adverse weather conditions that often happen in America.

Such weather calamity is often called Act of God. The definition of Act of God is  – a direct, sudden and irresistible action of natural forces that can not be prevented, such as hurricane, earthquake or other natural catastrophes.

After pondering on the term act of God, following what is happening in Texas, USA. I was led to do a little research into God’s word.

The first verse that came to mind was Isaiah 45:7, which states ” I form the light and create darkness, l make peace [ national well – being ], and I create [physical ] evil ( calamity); I am the Lord, Who does all these things.

I am by no means given my opinion, just sharing my research from the Bible – God’s Word as I know it’s a very sensitive topic and I am Praying for the people of Texas.

However, it’s important, that we ask certain questions, such as Why do certain things happen. God Himself said in Jeremiah 33.3 that we should call upon Him and He will answer us and show us great and mighty things, fence in, hidden, which we do not know.

God wants us to be informed, so we don’t live in ignorance, I know we  live in a society that reckons God is not relevant, we also have a lot of false religions, and we have religions that mix light with darkness. ( SO WRONG)

Do we think God does not see, God that created our eyes, sees all that we do, things we do in the open and behind closed doors( in the dark).

Our Heavenly Father is a God of Love, but also a God of Justice and wrath. In my last blog, I wrote about people not having a fear of THE LORD, and people just do anything to hurt, deceive and manipulate their fellow human beings, to me that is so stupid.

Now going back to the so called Act of God, as I was pondering on it before I started to read my Bible passages for today, I said to God, that I would only write about Hurricane Harvey in Texas if my today’s bible reading related to it.

Guess what happened, I opened my Bible, for today’s reading it was Job 37, 38 which talks about How God created everything and how He makes things happen, for instance, Job 37:4 -6
After the flash comes the deafening roar of His voice,
The voice that thunders His majesty—
The voice that resounds with no evidence of restraint,

the voice of God that is thundering wondrously.
He does magnificent things, beyond our comprehension.

To the snow, He issues the order: “Go! Fall on the earth!”
And to the rain shower, He says, “Show your power; beat down heavy on the earth!”

In the subsequent Chapters ( 38, 39) God questions Job, about what Jobs knows about creation. Please read these Chapters.

If we have at least an ouch of spirituality in us, deep down, we know the answers to the questions. I am not going to make any conclusion due to the sensitivity of its nature.

Again I Pray for the people of Texas.

However, could it be that the click that controls this world could be wrong about their concept of God ? and that God is speaking to us through His word, and we are not listening or reading His word.

I think our spiritual temperature is too low, God wants it higher and wants us to come closer,

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Until next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving

Peace. Daniel