The Secret Drink Needed For These Last Days—-Living Water


We all get thirsty every now and then, and we obviously want a drink, the best drink, in my opinion, is water. Recently I have increased the intake of my water consumption, and I see some positive results from my newly found habit of drinking water.

However Jesus mentioned a different type of water, He called it Living Water, the Living water, in my opinion, is the Holy Spirit, and is compulsory to survive in these last days as a Christian we NEED this living water, it’s a no brainier.
We all know that prosecution is part of the life of a Christian, and I often wondered, how did people of God in the Bible deal with it.

We know how Apostle Paul and David dealt with it,  actually combining what they both practiced are powerful. – praying in the spirit and meditating on the psalms.

We know the pain Prophet Jeremiah faced, but the Bible doesn’t say much about what Prophet Elijah faced. All we know is that after he called fire down from Heaven and destroyed all the false prophets of Baal, he fled from the wicked witch Jezebel on the second day.
Reading between the lines, I am most certain that Prophet Elijah faced a crazy spiritual attack,  the reason I say this is that here is a great Man of God that called fire down from Heaven a couple of days ago, and the mere threat from evil Jezebel which made his strength turn to weakness.

How could that be, it wasn’t just the message he received she must have done some witchcraft on him to make him fearful.

The Bible doesn’t tell us about Elijah’s prayer life; we do not know whether he prayed before or after he received the message from the evil lady. My thinking is that he had not prayed, as prayer gives power.

On the other hand, we are informed about Prophet Daniel’s prayer life, so when persecution came, he didn’t panic.

They didn’t have the living water in the Old Testament; however the Spirit of God came upon Men/ Women of God, what happened to Elijah indicates that it is not always automatic for the Power of God to flow in our life if it was, then Elijah would not have fled.
We can only get this living water by coming to Jesus, which is the gift of the Holy Spirit, the Living water I believe is praying in the Holy Spirit.

The Bible teaches us how to walk with God, and also to learn from seeming weaknesses that we read about so that we don’t repeat the same mistakes.

The evil attacks come first, to make us weak,   which for the most part happens when one is in bed, they fire their EVIL arrows when they wouldn’t get resistance.

Now Living water is the Holy Spirit, and Jesus said we would not thirst again when we drink from it, meaning we would never LACK POWER because we have the Holy Spirit, but obviously we have to work it.
So this what I believe happened to the great Man of God, he didn’t use his living water or didn’t have it.

The spiritual warfare he (Elijah) must have encountered if he had it and used the gift, and his Spirit would have regained the power he lost as a result of the spiritual warfare attack.

Thank goodness for the likes of Apostle Paul,  that later said we must pray always.

The secret to pressing on in the Christian end time Army is the Living water, which comes when we use our praying language.
Until next time, keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving
Peace. Daniel