The Book of Life

The Book of Life
The Book of Life is a book that has all the names of people that will go to Heaven in the afterlife. It is believed to have been written before the beginning of the Earth. It might be hard to comprehend with the human mind, but God already knows those who will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.
My view is there is only one truth. We have different religions and spiritual sects that have certain aspects of doctrine in common and some teachings are so different. To me, it means that some are right and some are in error and ultimately are wrong and false. If a person is following what is wrong and false, that person’s soul could be in jeopardy.
I am not writing to analyse or be judgemental, but just writing from a standpoint that there is one God and one truth. In regards to supernatural powers – it comes in variations. There is power from the Kingdom of Light and power from the Kingdom of darkness. Tapping into the wrong source for power for whatever reason has its consequences and there is also a price to pay, which in my opinion, in the long run, is so not worth it.
When I say in the long run, I mean beyond this time and space reality. My faith is Christianity, so my main source of information is from the Holy Bible.
So let’s go back to the Book of life.

Names of people that are going to go to Heaven are in this book – which was written before the world was created. Right through the bible their names are mentioned, Moses, Daniel, Jesus Christ, Apostle Paul and John etc., all said something directly or indirectly about the book.

Now names can be added to it and can also be blotted out (removed).
From a Christianity point of view, it’s fair to say, if a person’s name is in the Book of life, God will draw such person’s heart to Lord Jesus.

That’s why Jesus said no one can come to Him unless the Father draws the person. This can be found in the sixth chapter of the Gospel of John. In the next two chapters of the same Gospel of John, chapter 8, Jesus said ‘You are of your Father the Devil.’

So these chapters tell us that God has His children and the Devil also has his children. Some say we are all Children of God; such statement is so far from the truth. I have worked with people who do not believe in God one bit. They know there is something about a Child of God, and they would try and steal the anointing (power) of God and the virtues from the Child of God, but they don’t want anything to do with God. They believe in spirits and use an Ouija board, but they say no to God and a complete no to Jesus. I have spoken to people who say they believe in the devil but don’t believe in God.

The spirits that they get in touch with, using things like the Ouija board are fallen angels, demons also known as familiar spirits, all these foul spirits are destined to the abyss and the pits of hell and the devil is their master.

Some people might believe in this book, (Book of Life) and some may not. Those that do believe, make sure your name is forever in the book of life, as it can be blotted out (removed). To those that don’t believe, please do your research, as it is never too late to have your name added to the book of life.

A few mentions of this book of life are as follows:

In the Book of Exodus, chapter 32 verse 33… reads whoever has sinned against me, I will blot out of my book (this can only mean the Book of Life). The Good news here is that this was before Jesus came and redeemed us of our wrong doings. Jesus’ blood has washed away our sins and He has paid the price for us.

In the book of Daniel in the Bible, the Prophet in a vision saw thousands upon thousands minister unto Him, (God) and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him, and the Judgement was set and the books were opened. (Talking about, the Book of Life).

Everything we do in life is recorded. The Kingdom of God / Spiritual world has a perfect system in keeping records, unlike the imperfections that we see in this world. As said before, the Kingdom of Heaven is a place of justice.
The question on some people’s mind is probably, why are some people names written in the Book before the world began and some not? The only obvious answer would be that WE EXISTED before we came to this physical world.

Jesus quoted a verse in the Bible, saying ‘before Abraham was, I AM.’ Now Jesus was talking real spiritual stuff, the folks couldn’t comprehend it and as a result wanted to stone Him. Basically, what Jesus was saying is that He had been around but in another dimension. Therefore I believe the same with most of us.

In as much as some people’s Father at the minute might be the devil, they have the choice and free will to abandon their current father and choose God as their new Father.  God will always welcome people with an open heart and loving hands, regardless of what the person has done in the past. God is rich in mercy like that.

In the New Testament, Jesus sent out 70 disciples, and they performed various sorts of miracles and they came out rejoicing, and saying that spirits were subject to them, Jesus said what they should really be happy about is the fact that their names are written in Heaven.

Apostle Paul was also aware of the Book of Life, as he mentioned fellow – labourers in the Gospel, whose name were also in the book of life.
From a Christian perspective, to get one’s name written in this book is by having Faith in Jesus.

In the book of Revelations, it states that anyone whose name is not found in the Book of Life, such person is cast into the lake of fire. Who in their right mind would want to be cast into the lake of fire? Obviously no one, right?! But the Devil has deceived the most of the world. As a result, some people might think they can never make it to Heaven – well my friend that is a big lie! No matter what a person has done, God is able to forgive you and have mercy on you. Jesus Christ has paid the price for us.
So do yourself a favour, get your name written in the BOOK OF LIFE by asking the Lord our God for forgiveness for your sins – today!
My next writing in this area would be the second death, so check back soon.

Until next time. –  Keep Believing Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace, Daniel.