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The Holy Spirit shows us God’s Mercy with Repentance.

At this moment, I can’t think of any better example that shows God mercy, which led to repentance, than that of one of my favorite characters of the New Testament.
 I seldom call him the Great Apostle Paul, because of what he endured. How God used him in imaginable ways,  the wisdom & revelation from his letters( epistles) which are the core truths that most Christians stand on today.
Apostle Paul didn’t start this way, he persecuted the church, after the death of Jesus.
However, God had a plan for him before the foundation of the Earth-likewise you and I.
In Roman’s 2:4b, it states that God’s kindness is intended to lead a person to repentance.
God is rich in Mercy, and when he shows us Mercy, He gives power (The Holy Spirit) to turn from darkness to Light.
Apostle Paul, on his road to Damascus, encountered the Lord and changed his life forever.
God’s Mercy goes hand in hand with repentance, but we can’t turn from our old ways in our strength, we the need the power of the Holy Spirit.
In as much as we have to show Mercy as God does, we also forgive. However, if the person in question is a manipulator, then it’s advisable to keep one’s distance. In other words Love from a distance, as the saying goes once bitten twice shy.
Apostle Paul stated that he received Mercy because his actions were based on ignorance and unbelief. (1 Timothy 1:13). However, the fact also remains that God had a calling on Apostle Paul from the onset.
When God is ready to get one’s attention to fulfill one’s divine destiny, nothing in the world can stop God.  
As I began to think of God’s Mercy further, my mind went to one of the old testament favorites, King David, the man after God’s heart. – God’s Mercy always comes with repentance, but there is always a consequence of our actions.

If there is no repentance on our behalf and we keep on doing the same thing, then I don’t think God’s Mercy is available
God’s Mercy always comes with remorse, but there is still a consequence of our actions.
King David was genuinely repentant when Prophet Nathan confronted him, and God showed King David mercy. However, if we look and both Apostle Paul & King David, their actions didn’t go totally without consequence.
God can allow the consequences to be reduced, but it seems the spiritual law that we rip what we sow still applies to an extent.
We all know the story of King David and the troubles he faced after his terrible act.
Now Saul later changed to Paul had a harrowing life. Thinking about it, it’s God that gives us our ability; therefore, He could have given Apostle Paul’s ability to any other Apostle.
What am trying to say is that could any of the pain Apostle Paul faced be due to his behavior when he was Saul- persecution of the Church and Stephen’s death?
In concluding yes God is rich in Mercy when there is true repentance, but let’s not rule out a reduced consequence for our actions, as God cannot be mocked we will all rip what we sow.
Remember Jesus Christ is the Light & Saviour of the World.

God Bless

Until Next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving

Peace. Daniel – The Christian Activist & Warrior