The Incomparable Power of a Christian 36

The Holy Spirit helps us in the Discernment of Spirits.

In the book of Hebrews, the amplified version Chapter 5:14 reads solid food is for the [spiritually] mature, whose senses are trained by practice to distinguish between what is morally good and what is evil.

The question that comes to mind is, how do we train our senses? 

In Galatians 4 verse 19b, it says until Christ is [completely and permanently] formed within you.

In others words, it’s a continuous process of being in the Lord’s presence of praying in the Holy Ghost, praying the Word of God, reading / listening to the Word of God, and worship.

Therefore once we have a regular and disciplined time in God’s presence doing all of the above spiritual strictness, then it’s fair to say we are training our spiritual senses; hence, we can discern spirits and people around us. 

I know some people may naturally have the gift of Discernment of Spirits, but I believe everybody can have it, if we spend quality time in the Lord’s presence and are sober-minded, cause don’t forget our enemies are always watching us, but what they don’t know is that we are watching them too, with spiritual eyes of Discernment. 

Let’s define the word Discernment: According to Wikipedia, Discernment is the ability to obtain sharp perceptions or to judge well.

In the above definition, let’s zero in on sharp perception.

 At any point in time, a Christian would know if they are sharp in the Spirit or not. When a Christian is sharp, then such a person has a free flow with the Holy Spirit and sensitive to prompting of the Holy Spirit.

In an article writing in, it says 

The Holy Spirit will frequently reveal things to us, warn us, or prompt us into prayer or action. 

The Holy Spirit sees everything, He knows the traps and snares of our enemies, and our closeness to the Holy Spirit will enable us to pick up the prompting and NOT IGNORE THEM. 

According to an article in, it says Discernment has historically been praised as a valuable trait, allowing those who possess it to avoid costly mistakes or misfortune. says Discernment is understanding something that’s somewhat hidden or obscure.

Again nothing is hidden from the Holy Spirit, so when He Prompts us to pray (by way of feeling a little heaviness on our heart, NEVER IGNORE IT), it could be that our enemies are plotting some evil plan, this could happen anywhere.

One should silently pray in the Spirit in one’s heart; no one has to hear you.  

Another critical point is, for a Christian working in the secular world, as the saying goes, YOU CANNOT TRUST ANYONE IN BABYLON, Yo the enemies of our FAITH are plotting 24/7, they have a hidden agenda for you. So be kind, walk-in Love, but at the same time, we very watchful.

Another Important point is for Public Speakers; one must take authority over the vicinity of where the speaking would that place, as there could be demonic agents among the people in your audience.

These demonic agents could release various demons at you during your speaking, you would feel it once they have done it, and the Holy Spirit will tell you who it is. (Hopefully, you have the gift of Discernment).

Another painful experience a Public Speaker faces is having an Energy VAMPIRE in the audience, they will suck one’s energy, and you would feel the pain of them doing it, and the only thing one could do is, endure the pain and man up. Deal with the person in prayer when you get home.

Going back to the Word of God, Potiphar’s house was blessed because of Joseph, and Laban was blessed because of Jacob, the Kingdom of Darkness always knows when a person is of the Light and anointed by the true living God.

Therefore wherever the Child of God goes, they are after you, from the gym to wherever.    

Our enemies often need a point of contact to put an evil spirit on a Christian. 

The various ways for points of contact for the Evil spirit deposit.

1. Music 

2. Pictures

3. A person 

4. An object 

5. Envelope. 

6. Premises.

7. Even on a sermon message from YouTube.

8. Food, / sweets

9. Phone calls

I have experienced all the above. 


Evil spirit could be put in music, especially secular music, CD’s or YouTube, and once a person listens to it, the evil spirit goes into a person. 


An evil spirit can be put on a picture, and when one is gazing at the beauty of the image, the evil demonic is transferred. 

A person.

The evil people often use innocent people. I was in a university library years ago chatting with a cute girl; moments after the conversation, an evil spirit was attached to me. It was a set-up

 I have also gone several shops in a location I lived in the past, and they have used young ladies (to transfer the evil Spirit) behind the till because they know I often chat with them.  

It’s not fair using people to do their evil deeds because when I go to warfare prayer to remove the evil Spirit, the person they are using will get hurt.

An Object

Again an evil spirit could we attached to any object and given to you, so be careful, the Holy Spirit will always tell you.

I am not going to elaborate on the rest of the items I mentioned above, but anything that involves our five senses CAN be used.

When an evil spirit is transferred to a person, and you are using an electronic device such as a Computer, it can mess up the Computer, disrupt it and crash.

Finally, please don’t be taking food or sweets from folks; this I have also experienced as a way of evil spirit transfer.

The purpose of the evil spirit could be to control, manipulate, monitor and put a spirit of fear on a person. it could also be to initiate a person into the kingdom of darkness.

So don’t be alarmed; it is the way it is.

I am going to conclude this with the first verse of the hymn Onward Christian Soldiers.

Onward, Christian soldiers! Marching as to war,

 with the cross of Jesus going on before.

 Christ, the royal master, leads his armies on:

 forward into battle till the fight is won!

   Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war,

   with the cross of Jesus going on before.

Congratulations to Coco Guaff for reaching her first WTA final.

Remember Jesus Christ is the Light & Saviour of the World. 

God Bless 

Until Next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving. 

Peace. Daniel – The Christian Activist & Warrior