The Incomparable Power of a Christian 7

The Holy Spirit gives us Holy Confidence

The best verse in the Bible to describe the subtitle is the story of King David. Before young David became King of Israel, he was a shepherd boy, looking after sheep.

God always knows the end from the beginning, so it’s fair to say even then God was training David to know Him.

David knew God was always with him through the cultivated relationship and bond he had with God.

One can say David was sensitive towards the Holy Spirit, and from an early age, he knew when the Holy Spirit was on him.

Experiencing the Holy Spirit can make us feel invincible, but care is needed to act humble & sober.

The enemy knows about the power of the Holy Spirit and will do all it can do to cut off the flow.

The enemy will do this by tempting Christian with sin. (such as sexual immorality- sex before marriage, etc.)

You and I know we can’t survive without the Holy Ghost,

That’s why we must stay humble, sober, watchful, and continuously in prayer.

The Bible says touch not my anointed one and do my Prophets no harm, but as we know, people have a habit of not obeying God.

One of the reasons God says this is when a person touches a son/daughter of God to harm them, the anointing on them could be so strong and when sending an evil arrow back to them could cause maximum damage.

If a person has the nerve to come against a hot Christian ( Book Of Revelations) spiritually, what can I say but to applaud you for your courage, but it’s dumb courage.

David had experienced God when he fought with the lion & the bear when looking after his Father’s sheep; hence, he became skilled spiritually, but even that was set up.

God will not always take challenges away from us, but use them for learning and development because He knows what’s ahead.

Then Goliath coming on the scene, young David at the time was like yo, Goliath I know you are a giant and stuff, but what comes on me ( The Holy Spirit) is 100 times bigger and stronger than you.

King David had the confidence required to get the job done, simply because He had experienced the Holy Spirit in similar situations in the past. (The Lion and the bear)

I say all this to say, that the anointing is real and powerful, so all uncircumcised Philistines, don’t hurt yourself, let me repeat the word again in case you have forgotten- touch not my anointing and do my Prophets no harm this can be found in the book of psalms.

Nobody likes to see folks get hurt, but what do you expect, when you act in ignorance and fire wicked arrows, it will always come back to you sooner or later.

It’s not the nature of a Christian to hurt anyone, all they do is return wicked arrows back to the sender.

Finally, I can’t live without the Holy Spirit and all attacks are to disconnect one’s relationship with the Holy Spirit, but I’ve news for you, I will fight to maintain my relationship with the Holy Spirit with all I have – even to the my last drop of blood. No one, again No one can take the place of the Holy Spirit in me, For in Him, I Live, Move and have my being.

From Prince Harry to Oprah to Katy Perry and the list goes on, are trying to bring awareness to mental health.

Well, the answer you seek is, the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is all you need, we humans have not been designed to live without help from above.

Now to receive help from the Holy Spirit, we have to have Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, then we get baptized in the Holy Spirit.

We are then given a prayer language, and as we pray in our prayer language, we receive power, and mental illness doesn’t have a chance.

So Prince Harry to correctly promote Mental Health awareness, one has to also bring awareness to the perfect answer to the problem at hand, which is the HOLY SPIRIT. Amen.

Remember Jesus Christ is the Light & Saviour of the World.

God Bless

Until Next time, keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel – The Christian Activist.