The Messenger.

A messenger is merely a person that delivers messages, a go-between. To be a messenger of the Lord has its benefits, such as being in spirit the feeling of ecstasy, in other words, feeling God’s presence, sensing the Holy Spirit strong in one’s midst.

The best feeling is when the Holy Spirit is around, and His presence is firm and evident. In my opinion, it’s the greatest feeling ever. The Holy Spirit can manifest Himself anywhere, in one’s home, room or a Christian gathering.

Personally, I think it’s best when a person can usher In and cultivate the presence of the Holy Spirit by one’s self, the reason is, when one relies on someone else – a person or group of people, then one is subject to manipulation.

As the Lord’s messenger it is vital to be able to know how to bring in the presence of God, not only for the feeling of ecstasy but a messenger has to hear clearly from one’s Boss

Most of the time, the messenger’s message is seldom rejected, however from experience one has to, not only deliver the message in Love, but one has to be tactful and use wisdom in delivery.

What I find the hardest being a messenger of God, is the spiritual attacks, which come from all angles, I often ask The Lord, will the attacks ever end?, and the answer I often hear is, I Am with you.

The Holy Spirit’s is so sweet; I don’t think anything else in the entire world can compare to the feeling of His presence, it’s a Heaven on Earth experience.

Everybody can experience this remarkable presence/feeling of the Holy Spirit. However God’s is a gentleman, He knocks on one’s heart asking if He could come in if we open the door, it’s to our advantage if a person doesn’t, well what can I say?

I Pray and Hope, that one day you would open the door, cause Jesus Christ is the Light and Saviour of the World, no one comes to the Father but through the Son.

Message delivered.

Until Next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel

God Bless.