The Narrow and the Wide (Song)

(Verse 1)
There’s a choice we all must make,
As we journey through life for our own sake,
The wide gate stands open, so inviting and bright,
But the narrow path calls in the hush of the night.

(Verse 2)
The wide gate is broad, with pleasures untold,
A path of ease and comfort, where desires unfold,
But beware, for it leads to destruction and loss,
Where many are lured by its illusory gloss.

(Verse 3)
So heed these words well, as the choice is your own,
The wide or the narrow, the seeds you have sown,
In the end, it’s the path that you choose,
Your eternal destination, where you’ll win or lose.


Until Next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel – The Christian Activist & Warrior

 Remember, Jesus Christ is the Light of the World.

 Thank you, and God Bless