Who has bewitched you?


In Galatians 3.1, Apostle Paul said to the Galatians….’You Foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you? The new living translation says ‘who has cast an evil spell on you?

I first want to look at the word ‘foolish’, this word also means silly, stupid, unwise,  dumb, to name but a few.
We have all heard that, for us to manifest a desire, a goal or a vision we have to first of all believe, and then we can accomplish it. Alternatively, the word Faith is often used, Jesus said according to our Faith be it unto you, if you have Faith like a mustard seed, you can achieve your desire.
Now, these are the Words of Jesus. God had more to teach us that He had to raise someone like Apostle Paul.

The insight in Galatians 3.1, is so needed today, People of the dark side specialise in bewitchment – casting evil spells. So even if you believe and have faith, but don’t know how to block and stop an evil spell, / bewitchment, one could easily say that Faith doesn’t work, or God does not answer Prayers.

People of the dark side are so diligent it’s unreal. Such people or person could be your closest friend, relative, it could be anyone.
These folks wait full the full moon, which is every month and cast their evil spell. As a Christian, we must be vigilant especially during the full moon period. The more tuned in you are, you will know when people are doing the evil on you, as it can be felt on your body.
A lot of stuff is done during the night time when you are asleep but can also be done at any time of the day too.
I reckon that is one of the reasons Prophet Habakkuk, said write the vision down. When God first gives us a vision or we have a certain goal or aspiration, at the early stage of conception of the desire, people would high exhilaration, that’s why it’s good to write it down and when one is in that state of mind get a plan together.
The wisdom behind this is, even if the enemy tries to steal it from your heart, the fact that you have written it down, and read it regularly, one is given the vision power. So even if an evil spell is cast, it gets weaker as you read it.
The first part of one’s prayer life after asking for forgiveness of sins is to break every evil spell in the name of Jesus and by the blood of Jesus.
The logic here is if there is a negative force in place and has not been destroyed; one could waste prayers so to speak.
An example could be servicing your car so that it would work in the best capacity. However, if there is a  problem with the engine that is ignored and not repaired, no matter how many times the car is serviced, unless the main problem with the engine has been dealt with, the car will not work to full capacity.

Therefore If one goes to all the conferences in town or out of town about getting motivated, or going to hear various so-called powerful speakers, if one does not know how to consistently break  evil spell, which the dark side do regularly especially, during the full moon which is monthly, it’s like having a short circuit in an electric flow. In the future, I would share some prayer points in this area.

Until next time – Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel