Soul Mate, Split Apart & Rib Mate


Most people have heard of the word Soulmate, and personally, I’m a believer, that everybody has one. I feel that beautiful and pure things given to, to live a blessed life have been corrupted by our environment and society.
I can’t use the word soul mate without mentioning ‘the split apart theory’ given to us by the Greek Philosopher, Plato (427BC -348BC). Plato’s concept was that each person is part of one soul, in which they only have half of it. Basically, a soul has been split apart before we came to time and space reality. Our endeavour is now to find that the other half our soul.  I am going to go a little spiritual for a moment.
In Proverbs 18.22, reads He who finds a wife finds a good thing.  Let’s look at the word FIND. This word ‘find’ also means discovers, become aware, realise. It’s like to come into contact with what has been missing.
Even if we go back to the story of Adam and Eve in the bible, Adam was created from dust, but eve was created from Adam’s ribs. The woman was created from man.
Is it fair to say that every man has a woman created from them before time; this is on the same line with Plato’s split apart theory.   So basically every man is looking for the woman created from his rib and every woman is looking for the man whose rib she was created from.  For this is what we call ‘Soulmate’ in our day and age.

The bible also says that it is not good for man to be alone, so He (God) made a Woman from a Man’s ribs. Don’t forget the spiritual truth that we existed in the spirit world before we came down to this time and space reality. Man’s  quest is to now find what was created from Man which we call Woman.

So ideally we are supposed to find our soul mate, our split apart, our rib created mate.  There are twists and turns in finding  our soul mate. The movie ‘’The Butcher’s Wife’ featuring Demi Moore gives us a good insight how we can sometimes miss it. But by the help of our angels (we have to request for help from above), we will find our special other half.
It is important that we never settle for anything less, we have to trust our feeling.  If we agree that we existed in the spirit world before we came to this dimension, then we must also agree  that in the spirit world there is no colour and no age.
There is no time in the spirit world, everything is NOW. Therefore age difference is irrelevant; however we have to ALWAYS obey the law of the land, and NEVER think that an under – age person is one’s soul mate. God said to obey the laws of the Land, He is not a God of confusion.
Normally the male comes to time and space first, as God, first created Adam, also the fact that the female could be an old soul in a young body, and is matured well beyond her years.

Going back to Proverbs 18.22, He who finds a wife finds a GOOD thing. Good also means very satisfactory, enjoyable, pleasant. God wants us to be a unit that enjoys each other, being around each other is very pleasant and finally, the unification of both Man and Woman is very satisfactory.

When we are blessed to meet or have found each other (soul mate), the signs would be a strong immediate connection, a good feeling we have never felt before. As the relationship develops we would know deep in our heart, that we have finally found our soul mate.  Both individuals will complete each other; there will be peace, joy, hope for the future.  It’s a natural bonding and the fondness  of each other is mutual.  It’s just like hearing God’s voice, you know that you know, no words can describe it, you just know.

Both people will also share same values, passionate about similar things also have things in common, and similar mindsets.  Even bad habits will be easily broken. when this heavenly created union begins,   There will be an easily accessible power/energy flowing between the two people.
SO,  Follow your heart and DON’T settle for second best,  Stay true to yourself.

Until next time, keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel