The Miraculous Metal 1

Before anything is believed spiritually,  it must be tested. One must have had a credible experience to validate the reason why they trust it. Anything to do with faith must have added assurance.   Over the years I have seen and tried so many religious/spiritual practises that I have come to the conclusion that either they are a scam or they just don’t work for me.
For example, if you watch Christian television, you would be familiar with them indirectly asking for money to get a blessing. I don’t watch tv at the moment but am sure there some things that just don’t change, they expect you to pay to get blessed by God.  When I used to watch television, I did fall for it time and time again. It is fair to say they hypnotise people, by abusing the power of the Holy Spirit.
Life is about living and learning, and it’s not just on Christian television that you see such practices, it happens big time in some Churches week after week. They will say sow a seed to receive the blessing.  So basically a nice cute sermon is preached, they have got you all excited,  saying God is going to bless you and make you rich, then at the end, they would then say to receive the real blessing from what they have preached, you should sow a seed.
When they say seed, they mean money. Now that is not biblical as the Bible, and the teaching of Jesus categorically states that the seed is the word of God. A person can give an offering with a cheerful heart as Apostle Paul said, but not by tricking the people.  I might go into details in a future blog about this, as I didn’t even plan to write about it. Two things to remember is Grace and Faith.
All blessings are by the Grace of God, but to see the manifestation it takes faith. If a person claims that their Faith is Christianity, then they must learn the word of God, Having said that, God would give revelations that may not necessarily be in the Bible. First, it has to tested to ensure that it’s of  God – light or a trick from the devil.
I consider myself a non-denominational Christian. All these denominations are from people.  I believe in Jesus; I regard Him as my Lord and Saviour and the Son of God, period.  I attend a Catholic Church, but a lot of my person spiritual practices are from the Pentecostal / charismatic type of church. The reason is simple; one has to find what works for oneself.
As a person that goes to a Catholic church, I used to read the rosary, but I don’t  do that anymore, not because I don’t believe before in it, but because what I have to overcome spiritually is different from the average person.  Which I believe is peculiar to my calling. I can also say my prayer life has been cultivated specifically for me by the Holy Spirit.
Some years ago I was on a nine-day Catholic novena prayer, and I had a dream, in the dream, I was at relative’s home, I lived here for several years as a child.  On a box was written WITCHCRAFT.  I knew what it meant, and I will write future blogs to help people that need to protect themselves from the dark/evil side.  In as much as I understood the dream, I also believed that my prayer method and style had to change.
So I don’t read the rosary, but I wear the rosary as I think there is power in it. Earlier I said everything spiritually must be tested.  I have various types of rosaries, – necklace and a ring rosary. I wear them especially at night time,  as evil people attack me during my sleep, (sleep paralysis). One day I was about to be attacked, but before the evil force could do anything, it had to cover the Rosary on my finger.  I saw this with my spirit’s eye, kind of like a dream.
From that day I always wore it at night and also sometimes during the day, as I had experienced its power. I have and new ring rosary that has miraculous on it.
I write more of about that,  in my next blog.
Until next time, keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving

Peace Daniel