America’s Gun Control / God’s Presence.

Hearing the mass shooting in America on Sunday, a few things come to mind.

The first is, America needs to deal with it’s Gun laws quick and fast, it’s so ridiculous, the amount of arsenal an individual can obtain legally.

America has the most significant gun crime in the world, and they should be ashamed of it. President Obama tried working on gun control, but the gun loving Republicans blocked the former President in every way.

How do the Republicans justify the recent gun violence? American can not lead the world if they can’t even sort out the apparent problem in their backyard.

So America, please address your problem, the rest of the world is looking in disgust about your gun crime and are tired of hearing about the stupid and senseless loss of lives.

The second thing on my mind in regards to the body of Christ is that there are vast amount religion and religious activities and a lack of being in God’s presence.

For those that are new in the faith, doing religion and activities in the name of God is different from being in God’s presence.

The importance of being in God’s presence is that we can hear His voice better and are more fine-tuned to what we are hearing and what God is saying.

As an introvert, I love my time alone with God, and am not big on religion and never will be, cause that’s the way God has created me.

It’s not about doing Church activities or being in Church all the time that makes us powerful Christians, but the time we spend in God’s presence – in prayer and seeking His face.

My prayers and thoughts are with the families and victims of the incident at First Baptist Church Texas.

In concluding, Mr. President please can you address the Gun laws in your Country, Thank you, Sir.

To my fellow Christians, it’s time to cut out the religious busyness and spend more time in God’s presence, so we can hear God voice better and more precise. So when God’s says don’t go to some religious activity, because there is danger one can listen to Him and obey.

Personally, my most significant time and breakthroughs come when I am alone in the presence of My loving Father, and this will never change.

It’s essential that we connect to the Body of Christ ( fellow Christians) but we MUST not neglect and MUST prioritize being in God’s presence.

Until Next time. Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel