Refrain from using Dark Magic.

Judgement is to start first with the body of Christ.

In 1 Peter 4:17 it states For it is time for judgment to begin with the household of God; and if it starts with us first, what will the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God?

The Lord always warns us – (especially His Body )before He takes any action, as He did in the book Ezekiel. In as much as God knows that for the most people will not listen He still warns anyway.

His messengers have to say ( warn) what they believe the Spirit of the Lord is telling them, if they (the messenger) don’t warn the people – in this instance the body of Christ, blood will be required from the messenger’s hand.

On the other hand, if the servant of the Lord is obedient to the voice of God and warns the people then the servant has delivered his soul. Ezekiel 3:19.

What I believe the Lord is saying is that His Church SHOULD refrain from using dark magic – in other words, STOP performing witchcraft on your congregation, stop the manipulation, The Lord sees everything, and His warning is STOP.

It’s not for me to go into details, I just need to deliver the Word. This type of writing is not my favorite, but since I don’t want anybody’s blood on my hands, I have to obey the Lord.

If we are what we say we are and we have the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us, isn’t it the Holy Spirit that orders and directs our steps, therefore why do folks want to play god in the life of another.

We know it’s common practice ( dark magic) in the world, but the Church of Jesus Christ MUST know better. Such dark practice is a serious matter, and the Lord does not take it lightly; we know what He said about such people in the Old Testament. Exodus 22.18

By no means should a person try to control other people’s will, we must allow God to be God in everyone’s life.

The Early Church and the Ministry of Our Lord should be our example and benchmark, I believe it’s the reason Apostle Paul said a form of godliness but the POWER is lacking.

What I am saying is that when dark magic is being used by some folks in the body of Christ, such groups will lack the real power for signs wonders and miracles.

So please hear the Word of the Lord and refrain, I plead with you, as we know it’s not right nor is it of God.

Those that are doing it, please don’t harden your heart, hear the Word of the LORD and stop it. As it’s written in the book of Hebrews 3:15 ” Today, if you will hear His voice, Do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion.”

Well, I have done my job. No blood shall be on my hands.

Until Next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace Daniel