Delighting in the Lord.

The word Delight means to take great pleasure and joy in something or someone. And the word pleasure means a state of being pleased.

What I know about human nature is that joy, happiness is something we crave for, joy can be termed as internal and not necessarily dependent on outward / surrounding circumstances.

Happiness could be something external, such as enough money in the bank, the right partner, good job, etc

There is absolutely nothing wrong with pursuing happiness; sometimes this could just be individually based focused only.

If we try and focus on what we could do to help others, especially when we serve a Mighty God that we do and the access to unlimited power that we have, we would not only make this world a better place but also inspire generations to come, to have Faith in God.

Personally, the people I admire the most, are people that have served humankind to make our world better ., their accomplishments are very inspiring, and we learn a lot from them.

Recently I got more acquainted with the works of George Muller an Evangelist and Missionary, born in Germany, but based in England during the 1800’s.

George Muller is remembered for what he did for humanity during his life time; he did things that brought joy and pleasure to others. Not only what he did for people but his incredible faith and trust in God, this is a great legacy that has influenced other Christians over the years.

In Psalm 37:4, it says delight yourself in the Lord, and He would give you the desires of your heart, same chapter, verse 23, The steps of a man/ woman are established by the Lord, and He delights in his way.

We said delight means to take great pleasure and joy in someone or something, now the question is how do we take great pleasure and joy in God.

I believe we have to taste and see, in other words, we have to test God out, once we have realized the peace and joy, then we would obviously want that all the time, this would bring us closer to Him.

The mistake people make is that they confuse God with religion and the institution, and trust is put in people instead of God. Then when religion hurts one, it’s then blamed on God. ( this is a learning curve most people go through)

Now when we are close to God, and followers of Jesus, when knowing our purpose is to do our Fathers business, which is to be a blessing to people and save souls, our vision should get bigger.

The focus will now shift from us to God and others. As a result, we are delighting our self in the Lord, and God will also delight in our ways. Since our God is a big God, we should now have big visions for the Kingdom of God, just like George Muller.

God will not only give us the desires of our heart but also establish our steps; we will also be strong in our faith as we know we have a Heavenly vision to serve the greater good of humanity.( Partnership with God)

Those that want to have peace and joy, I recommend that you try Jesus Christ, not religion, they are two different things, have a personal relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ.

Please check out the George Muller movie on YouTube; It’s a Faith – Builder.

Until next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace Daniel.