Knowing God’s ways, so we can enter into His rest.

In any relationship or regular interaction with people, it’s advantageous that we are aware of the person’s ways. Depending on the importance of such relationship, it worthwhile to invest considerable time studying, understanding and knowing their ways.

The ability to get along with people is an art, and when a new person comes into one’s life, with eyes of the spirit, we should discern the reason why.

Relating this to a higher relationship, what I mean by higher is when the parties involved are not on the same level. There can only be One higher level relationship, and that is God, as all humans are created equal, regardless of the stupidity, silliness and the shallow mindlessness of the white supremacy that made a fool of themselves in Virginia over the weekend.

Normally it’s not something I would pay attention to, but guess what to all KKK folks, etc., there is no color in the spirit world, so how about that? I CONDEMN you.

Back to the topic at hand, which is knowing the ways of the person we have a relationship. Even in the natural when we understand a person, we are more tactful in our dealings with such individual(s).

Such mindful attitude enables us to have a peaceful and harmonious encounter with each other.

So let’s change gears, and go a little deeper, the children of Israel, when Moses brought them out of Egypt, they had a big problem in this area; consequently, most of them did not enter into the Promised Land.

The Bible says in Psalm 95:11 ” And they did not know My ways, So I swore in My wrath, They shall not enter My rest.

Based on the above verse knowing God’s ways is a real big deal. The next Obvious question would be. What are God’s ways. ?

Before I attempt to try and go near the question, In Psalms 103: 7, it says that God made know His ways of [ of righteousness and justice] to Moses, His acts to the children of Israel.

It is fair to say then that it’s God that reveals His ways to us, however before anything can be revealed, there has to be a closeness. People that are close to God, He reveals secrets to them. ( His plans).

Now God is a Spirit, and we are also a spirit; unfortunately, we are also flesh. So Basically, we are made up of spirit ( our higher nature) and flesh ( lower nature).

In the book of Isaiah, in Chapter 55: 9, it says God’ s ways are higher than our ways, but guess what we can go higher in God with the help of the Holy Spirit and know God’s ways.

Walking with God can never be pleasant to the flesh( our lower nature), as they are on different levels, it’s too low a level to enjoy God as your friend, and Father.

What we do know about God is that:

He is not a man that He should lie, His Word is true, ( by the way Jesus is the Word that came to dwell among us).

He is Faithful, as He can’t deny Himself, ( His nature)

He is merciful

He is a God of justice

He is Love

He is Holy

He knows all things, (Permits some unpleasant things sometimes, even to His children)

He is all Powerful

He is everywhere at the same time

He makes things work together for good to those that Love Him and are called according to His purpose, as we pray in the spirit.

He lives in us ( more evident in some than others)

He has a plan and purpose for His Children.

The realization of the ways of God can only come by living in the spirit, and this is our labor, so we are in His rest most of the time.

Finally, I have to add the story of my hero Nelson Mandela, after 27 years in prison, he became the first black President of South African.
(An example of how things work together for good. )

In life there is a time of preparation, ultimately we are all here to help one another and grow our soul.

Do you know that there are ranks in heaven?

Until next time, Keep Believing, Keep Hoping & Keep Loving.

Peace. Daniel